Having a set of personalized home décor items will make you the center of the party and will impress all your guests during the holidays. You will be able to create your own designs with simple, easy to find items that can bring a wonderful addition to your home. Here is a list of some of the most interesting and easy DIY home decor ideas that anyone can make at home with minimal effort:
1. Personalized Sharpie dinnerware

2. DIY Home 2. DIY Home
Have you ever wanted your own customized and personalized dinnerware to use whenever you invite your friends over. Well, look no further than this set of wonderful Sharpie markers that allow you to redesign and decorate your own dining plates, mugs and any other household instrument. Simply bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, and the paint is there to stay, whatever your design. You’ll only need some dinnerware (a bowl, a mug and a plate), sharpie markers, a glass cleaner, a cleaning cloth and a working oven, and you’re good to go.

2. DIY Home Thanksgiving

Print your own messages on any type of fabric with this awesome cloth printing technique! You’ll need simple supplies, like a sponge brush, table runner, letter stencil (which you can design yourself), a working iron and fabric paint. The only things you need to do is to spell out your words with the stencils, fill the letters with fabric paint and let it dry. Set with an iron and enjoy this simple, effective design.
3. Coffee filter wreath

3. Coffee filter wreath
Making your own flower arrangement doesn’t get any cheaper than this. You’ll need coffee filters (2 packs), foam wreath, glue and a pencil. Warm up some glue and wrap a coffee filter around the tip, then add a small dab of glue on the tip. Then, stick the pen into the foam wreath, leaving the coffee filter inside it. It’s simple and you will have an exciting wreath for the holidays at almost no cost.
4. Coffee table redesign

Coffee table redesign

Do you have an old coffee table sitting around? Making it shine again was never easier with this idea. Get some bags of marbles, spray paint and glue and your good to go. Firstly, clean the top side of the table to create a good, workable surface. Then, spray paint the side, and dip the marbles in a bit of glue to make them stick better. Arrange the marbles in an attractive way to give the new table a sparkling effect

5. DIY Pallet Coffee table

DIY Pallet Coffee table
This small DIY project requires an old pallet and some cart wheels if you want mobility. Sand and clean the pallet, then grind and paint it with any color. Let it dry for an hour and attach the wheels using simple screws. The coffee table is done and you can use it to adorn your living room.