Here are some great creative new ideas on how you can make your yard more nice with existing patio furniture and help you to figure out a fresh and new plan that will suit your budget and lifestyle.

ORIGAMI STRING LIGHTSORIGAMI STRING LIGHTS All you need is some plain white paper and nimble fingers to create this festive display. For safety, chose a string of LED bulbs, which don’t heat up.

CEMENT CANDLEHOLDERS cement-candles-de Molding this garden decoration is a cinch once you know the secret: Rapid-set cement won’t bond to plastic. These tea-light holders were made with disposable food containers and yogurt cups.

PERFORATED CAN LANTERNSPERFORATED CAN LANTERNS Raid the recycle bin for soup cans, and tap a pattern of holes in their sides to create these radiant cylinders. Fill the cans with water and freeze them first to avoid denting the cans as you puncture them.

UPCYCLED CHANDELIER CENTERPIECEUPCYCLED CHANDELIER CENTERPIECE Look closely: This graceful table topper is made from chandelier light shades! Find some at a flea market (or your garage, perhaps?) and flip them over to use as votive holders.

FROSTED GLASS JARSFROSTED GLASS JARS These candle-lit lamps emit a soft glow, thanks to a super-simple frosting process. Add wire for hanging, or group together as a table centerpiece.

REPURPOSED RADIATOR COVERSREPURPOSED RADIATOR COVERS Here’s a double-duty DIY we can stand behind: Radiator covers create beautful beams when wrapped around candles. Who knew?

WINE BOTTLE HURRICANESWINE BOTTLE HURRICANES A classy conversation starter, these carefully cut wine-bottle spouts impress guests and protect candle flames from evening breezes.

MINI MASON TEA LIGHTSMINI MASON TEA LIGHTS With just a couple hardware-store staples and some inexpensive mini mason jars, you can whip up a slew of charming candle holders to surround your space.