Make classmates jealous with these cool DIY projects for your locker.

1 .DIY Wooden Frames

Forget the plastic variety. Balsa wood sheets are affordable, easy to find at the craft store, and, with a decorative hole punch (also available at craft stores), can be made to look like expensive frames. Add adhesive magnets to the back and—voila!—a picture frame as pretty as the photo inside of it.

2. DIY Photo Magnets
Instagram addicts will love this clever, vintage-inspired way to display winning snapshots. Simply download the Photoshop template, add your own photos, and print. Glue each photo to cardstock for durability and then add a magnet.
3. DIY Glittered Clothespins
 DIY Glittered Clothespins

For someone who likes a little glitz and glamour, these clothespins couldn’t be any easier to make—all you need is a little glue, a lot of glitter, and small adhesive magnets. Use the pins to display a class schedule or other important papers on the inside of the locker

4 .DIY Magnetic Pen Holder

DIY Magnetic Pen Holder
Spray paint works wonders to transform a mint or spice tin into a decorative penholder. Once the paint dries, attach a magnet, hang it inside your locker door, and you’ll never forget to bring a pen to class again.

5 .School Locker Chalkboard Initial
School Locker Chalkboard Initial
Special paint transforms a paper mache—or wooden—initial into a functional chalkboard, while ribbon lets the whole thing double as a bulletin board (use the glittered clothespins above to affix documents or photos to the ribbon!).

6. DIY Pom Pom Rug
DIY Pom Pom Rug
Give the stark metal of your locker a cozier feel by adding a handmade rug to the bottom. To make this version, simply tie brightly colored pom poms around a square of latch rug canvas.

7. Nautical Themed DIY Magnets
Nautical Themed DIY Magnets
With this easy craft, something as small as magnets can give your locker big personality. Simply select themed scrapbook paper at the craft store (or use printed out photos) and then follow the four-step guide—five, if you count drying time—to transform paper into durable glass magnets.
8. Homework Station Turntable

This lazy-Susan style supply station corrals supplies—pens, scissors, table, glue sticks, and more—into one compact location. Place it on your locker’s shelf for easy access to everything you need for class.

9. Pom Pom Garland

Pom Pom Garland
String this fun garland back and forth inside your locker to turn it into a happy place rather than just a storage space—all you need is three supplies and a few minutes.