What can be better than some glitter if it’s about transforming something plain and boring to absolutely charming and sparkling? And of course, it doesn’t even cost much or take a great deal of effort to sprinkle some glitter into a DIY project. One such marvellous idea is to create these awesome DIY Glitter Bowls.DIY-Glitter-Bowls

Perfect for holding lightweight accessories, this charismatic bowl can add a glowing touch of splendour to your space, when beautifully placed on the center table, or even when used to house those nitty-gritty art supplies.
What it takes is just a handful of basic supplies and a few simple steps of super-easy crafting. You need to collect two cups of glitter in the colors of your choice, some Mod Podge, bowls from the kitchen, some balloons, a spatula, and a brush to begin with crafting your pretty piece of decor.
You will be amazed to see how exceptionally easy it is to put this bowl together, donating no more than 2 minutes of yours to get it all done. Not only it is a fun-filled DIY idea, but the project is ideal even for the little kids and make them feel delighted to make their very own Glitter Bowls, that too without the need to call for your assistance.
These pretty, sparkling Glitter Bowls featuring a mind-blowing texture and a gleamy shine have been interestingly made by JumbleJoy in the below YouTube video tutorial with the help of detailed visual instructions to help you recreate these lovely stunners at home within minutes.