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Best Kitchen Sinks in 2017

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No doubt!!! A kitchen is the heart of a house and surely the kitchen fittings and the sink make it more attractive. So, choosing the best kitchen sinks and kitchen fittings for the kitchen is literally being the most important task for the house owner. Many people don’t even consider that the sink can be a vital part of their kitchens. But trust me; if your kitchen sink is dull and of a bad taste then it will blend in surely.

Consider this with care, if a sink is beautiful and of a perfect choice, it will get noticed by any visitor as it is really an important part of the kitchen that can’t be hidden or avoided. We use our kitchen sinks for many purposes including washing our hands, washing fruits, vegetables and other cooking stuff, some people even use it as a bathtub for their pets and babies – it can definitely be called as the life blood of the kitchen.

However, it’s very important to check out the best kitchen sink reviews before you make any final decision on choosing the best fittings for the kitchen. Reviews are generally written by the buyers, stores, contractors, etc, which actually matters that you take the time to research on what people are saying about that particular product.

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KRAUS KHU100-30 30-inch 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

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It’s not an easy task to find out the best stainless steel kitchen sink in the market as there are many available those look similar. Kraus products have a specialty here. All of their products are handmade and this fabulous model of the kitchen sink is no exception.

This pure stainless steel sink serves almost all imaginable purposes mention over; it’s beautiful durable and functional at the same time.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Heavy-duty handcrafted stainless steel kitchen sink
  • 1 In quality and value Premium grade
  • Best-in-industry NoiseDefendTM soundproofing and protective undercoating
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free Kitchen Accessories: Bottom Grid, Kraus 100% Cotton Dish Towel, 3-Piece Basket Strainer, all packaged with sink in a premium Kraus Utility Bag
  • 16 gauge stainless steel, soundproofing on the underside, wire rack for the base of the sink.
  • Reasonable price

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Blanco 440194 Single 9-1/2” Bowl

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This Blanco sink is absolutely outstanding and one of the best under mount kitchen sinks you could find in the market. This is such classy looked sink that would easily match to a kitchen and will have your guests asking, “Where did you find this?” It is built from the material, Silgranit that makes your sink stand at a high temperature.

Moreover, while it’s resilient and incredibly strong in that respect, Silgranit also resist breakage to the dinnerware or delicate crystal what gives an extra benefit of having this material in your kitchen sink.

The large single bowl Sink is deep enough to wash many dishes at a time and furthermore, it’s large enough to provide enough space for especially large dishes to soak in which is the first priority for many customers.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Required outside cabinet: 33″ (drop-in), 36”
  • Resistant to scratches, stains and all household acids and alkali solutions
  • 80% solid granite, Heat resistant up to 536°F
  • 1/2” deck thickness, Limited lifetime warranty

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that we learn that there are so many varieties of sinks to choose from, you will find yourself in a dilemma how you are going to be able to decide which kitchen sink will be the best for you!!! So, start from here:-

  • Consider the space to allocate- take a measurement in your mind about what space you would give to allocate the sink? A lot or just a little? If you choose an incredibly large sink for your small kitchen, it would more than likely to look pretty silly. Similarly, if you have a large kitchen space you must not choose a small sink as it would likely get lost in all of the other kitchen fittings.
  • Select a design of your choice- Once you’ve decided how much space dedicated for the kitchen sink, you move on to decide the design. It’s important to keep several questions to satisfy in mind including what reason particularly you use the kitchen sink for. Whether you cook often? Big or small meals? Audiences you are gonna cook for? After satisfying all these questions you would make sure of your desired design.
  • Consider the installation type, what installation type makes you comfortable to use at the kitchen? In short, which installation type you like best? Whether will are going to choose yours between the top mount and under mount kitchen sinks whereas each has different installation systems.
  • Consider the shape, color and Material- Choosing the right shape, color and material is another important consideration. All sinks are not of stainless steel, so if you have your heart set on the stainless steel then choose a stainless steel sink by all means and choose best stainless steel kitchen sinks.Kitchen sinks come in a granite composite, cast iron, porcelain, and natural stones as well as stainless steel. There are pros and cons of each material, but the ultimate choice should be yours and yours alone.


5 Interior Designing Tips that will make your home a sweet home

An adage goes, “a house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made of love and affections.” You also feel it. Don’t you? It is a beautiful place where people spend their quality time. After getting stuck in grumbling traffic, facing boss’s infuriating face, fighting to meet the deadlines, there is no other place like home. Home is the haven where there is a lot of fun and frolic, and above all the warmth of finding amongst the near and dear ones.Nice synchronization of furniture and gadgets turns home an ecstasy


Nice synchronization of furniture and gadgets turns home an ecstasy A relaxing living room is a place where many ideas are assimilated. There is a good synchronization of the sound system, electronic appliance, and furniture. It creates a good rhythm like the four strings of stringed instruments. So, a choosy person only can decorate a house in elegant style.

Go on experimenting with the living room decors

If you have a strong obsession or compulsion for home décor, buy them now and then. Place and replace them in your room, the judge with your eye and mind. That is the freedom you have when decorating your living room.

Don’t miss a cozy electric fireplace. You may get yourself a freestanding one or wall mounted, both will enhance the beauty of your living room for sure.

You can choose tinted furniture or soft cushions, paint your walls with jazzy color, and seta Guitar or Ukulele or Violin at the decorated corner under the soft neon light. If you are a music fan, go wild anywhere in such a soothing ambiance inside the room.

Turn your living room Green

With or without a flower, the leafy plants add a lot of color and texture to your room. Plants are inexpensive but a good way to accessorize the living space. In addition to beautification, the plants cleanse the air of the room. If you don’t have a live plant, purchase life-like silk plants available in the market.

Add candle holders with candles

The candlelight will give the impression of a wintry night sitting around the log fire playing guitar Ukulele. Whoever you may be, the, however, the angry personality you are wearing, you will get softer touch comfort. Sometimes a lot of décors can’t speak what a candle light can say.

Keep a few antique things in your room

A few antique items in your room can flaunt your choice. It heightens your status your neighbor. Adding a few antique furniture or a few decors create a right blending.

Never over crowded a room

It is very comfy to look around your room with necessary furniture and decors. There should be enough space in the room. It makes it free from chaos. Not only that, it leads to losing many important things among these things anytime anywhere. Remove the items which are not fit for your room.

These are the some of the tips to decorate your room. But it is not all. Till you understand how you should be reacting to the surroundings. If you already decided, then purchase with 2BHK and explore your sense of creation where to get and how to get.

What You Need to Know About Box Spring

Having bought a comfort mattress with a substantial amount of height, in order to keep the height of the bed reasonable, you must go in for the best box spring which suits your mattress. Given the hectic life we lead, there is a need to get the much-required rest and sleep so that one can perform best for the next day.

With the tough competition in vogue in nearly all spheres, the ace of work one needs to produce is break the neck. All this is possible only in case the individual is well rested and has slept well. With these things in mind, there are a number of variants of comfort mattresses available in the market today.

box spring

The need for box springs

In order to get the desired cushioning effect and the support for the mattress, there is a setup of springs which are meant to be laid on the mattress as such. Usually, these are formed on a wooden or iron frame and the same can be replaced as and when the need arises. In order to let the mattress sink in when weight is rested on it, these springs are necessary.

The traditional box springs have a depth of about nine inches. With the development in the field of comfort sleep equipment, the quality and the variants of mattresses available have increased a lot. As a result, the requirement of the box springs has been curtailed a bit. It is in these cases that a low profile box spring option comes into play.

Low profile box spring

When it comes to box springs, a lower depth of four to five inches is what is in demand with high-quality comfort mattresses. These are what is known in the comfort sleep world as low profile box spring and have become quite famous and common today.

These springs have the added advantage of a lower coast and the mattress is still provided with the required amount of support and form. It is these springs which allow the height of the bed to be restricted to a reasonable limit and the ticket comfort mattresses also sinks into the room décor.

Looking after the box springs

Many people are of the opinions that since the box springs sit well below the mattresses; these can be dragged on for many changes of mattresses. This is far from the truth and in fact, if the box spring fails to provide the support the mattress needs, the mattress itself is likely to give way earlier.

In fact, in many cases, even the warranty of the mattress specifies that they need to be used with a set of new box springs (usually included in the package). Another aspect for the low profile box spring which needs looking after is the process of transportation. It is during transportation and shifting that most box spring frames sustain damage and give way.


In order to keep the mattress supported and the height of the bed reasonable when using a thicker mattress, one must use low profile box springs.

Top 5 Best Countertop Microwaves in 2016

Have you ever thought of your kitchen running without a microwave oven just for a day?I don’t think so. Technology has made our lives so fast that we always need an instant solution to each of our needs on the go. The Microwave oven is one of those very common kitchen appliances that we use extensively to heat foods. Microwaves are constructed of infrared wave forms that have been used in the electromagnetic field. The most versatile used frequency in the microwave oven with 2,450 megahertz. These microwave ovens have become a must have for all kitchens. These come in different sizes and shapes to suit the needs of a family. They differ in their features, designs and operations. To find out the best microwave oven for your kitchen you need to compare the top products first and then to pick the one of your highest use. Here you are going to find a complete guide for the best microwave ovens in 2016. Just follow the guides given here and you will get to what you want exactly.

Types of microwave oven:

Generally, considering the functionality, the microwave ovens are of three types as following;

Solo microwave oven:

Solo Microwave Oven is the most basic type of microwave ovens. There is only a magnetron inside the oven which produces the microwaves. It’s only limited to heating and boiling while it’s unable for baking and roasting.

Grill microwave oven:

Grill Microwave Ovensare more focused on making food than the solo microwave oven and similar to a conventional grill. It can brown the food items; make them juicier from inside and crispier by outside. These types of ovens generally come with heating coils and are proven as a better option for cooking.

Convection microwave oven:

The last type is Convection Microwave Ovens, which are probably the most widely used ovens among these three types. This oven can heat food very quickly and can also be used for the baking and browning purposes. They also have a thermostat so that you can control the temperature range.

Moreover, on the basis of modes of installation and size the microwave ovens can also be classified as

  • Countertop microwave ovens
  • Over the range microwaves
  • Under the counter microwave ovens or integrated microwave ovens.

These can come in sizes from small, medium to a full size microwave oven.

Now since you have got the baseline about the microwave ovens you should now make up your mind to the shortlist which features would you like to have in your list.

Let’s introduce you with the top 5 list that have been selected keeping in mind that generally what people likes and what are the best features people would love to have and how well these ovens perform in a kitchen. The list consists of 5 of the popular brands available on the market. So, just pick one of them whichis closest to your needs.

Best Countertop Microwaves Comparison

[table id=3 /]

Panasonic NN-SN651B Countertop Microwave

microwave oven

This model of Panasonic microwave oven comes with the prestigious Inverter Technology which actually heats easily properly and evenly. This oven allows for quick defrosting and gives a perfect flavor. It comes with a power of 1200 Watts which heats the food very quickly and it’s built with automatic features like Genius Sensor Cook technology. The oven has the Reheat option for automatic cooking and also an Even Keep Warm Featured. It’s a very convenient and stylish oven model with a 1.2 cubic foot volume. It measures by 13-1/2 inches, which is a perfect oven to cook any types of dishes which can be used for multi purposes morethan heating since it allows variable temperature setting.


Features Highlighted

  • It is a fairly compact and light model that can be placed easily in the kitchen without any inconvenience.
  • 13-1/2-inch turntable; delay start and timer; more/less control; quick minute, popcorn key
  • Child safety lock,
  • 10 power levels for convenience
  • 1200 watts of high power; reheat for automatic cooking settings and one-touch genius sensor cook and even keep warm feature
  • 3 cooking stages and also a delay start.
  • Inverter turbo defrost for quick defrosting
  • Inverter technology for even cook and deliver delicious flavor
  • Flat keypad panel for programming; 10 power levels and push-button door release
  • Stainless steel face and Measures 15 13/16-inch (d) x 20 11/16-inch (w) x 12 1/4-inch (h), 25.3 lbs.,

Danby Countertop Microwave

countertop microwave

Danby presents a capable model of microwave ovens. It’s a small oven with capacity of 0.7 cu ft. It has a cooking power of 700 watts, which classifies it in the small and compact microwaves combo. It features a useful but simple single touch for cooking 6 popular uses. Furthermore, it has different 3 specialty programs including cooking speed defrost by weight, and defrosting by weight.


Features Highlighted

  • An easy to read LED timer
  • 7 cu.ft. capacity microwave
  • It uses a sleek glass turntable that fits all the dishes in.
  • 700 watts of cooking power
  • It’s designed with a very stylish presentation making it a nice addition in any kitchen.
  • It comes with 10 different power levels giving customizability in the hands of its users.
  • Stylish black and stainless steel exterior
  • Automatic oven light making the device even more convenient for users.
  • Simple one-touch cooking for 6 different and popular uses


Panasonic NN-SN973S Countertop Microwave


This model of Panasonic microwaves also comes with an Inverter Technology which allows you for more than just a heating stuff. It’s a 1250 Watts microwave that is quite enough to cook the food rapidly. It has usedsuch technology to heat food evenly at the same time maintaining the texture and taste. It comes with a capacity of 2.2 cu ft. which is definitely more than enough for all the different dishes. Furthermore, it also has a 16 and ½ inch turntable.


Features Highlighted

  • It features a very stylish and attractive design and makes a nice addition to any kind of kitchen.
  • Weights37 pounds which is very easy to move around.
  • Microwave Inverter technology provides a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Additional features like Keep Warm feature which delivers pulsing low microwave power in order to keep food at constant temperature.
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost which speeds up defrosting time
  • An easy to use control panel with raised buttons allowing for easy programmability.
  • Automatic sensor adjusts the power and times for different foods preparing.
  • Faster cooking times with a 1250 watts high power
  • Sleek, tactile controls to make cooking touch-button simple

Panasonic NN-SD681S Countertop Microwave


There is another Panasonic Countertop Microwave in our list. This Panasonic Model offers so many features to satisfy different needs of the people. This is one of the best countertop microwave ovens model from Panasonic using the same Inverter Technology just like many other ovens available in the market which is famed for its own ability to evenly heat the food without disturbing its texture, color and taste. This modelhas a capacity of 1.2 cu ft. and uses 1200 Watts of power to cook foodsvery swiftly. Additionally you can also get a trim kit which will allow it to be installed on your kitchen’s wall.


Features Highlighted

  • Stainless Steel faceand Dimensions: Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 12 1/4″ x 20 11/16″ x 16 5/16″, Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 9 15/16″ x 13 15/16″ x 14 3/8″, 25.3 lbs.,
  • Featuring an innovative pop-out dial departing from standard keyboard found in most other ovens.
  • Automatic heating using the sensors which calculate remaining time based on the amount of steam produced by the foods.
  • Inverter Technology for more even cooking and to deliver delicious flavor and its Inverter Turbo Defrost for a quick defrosting.
  • Elegant 4-Digit Blue Readout LED Display with a Programming Icon Dial and buttons for the quick programming
  • It has all the essential features like any other competitive microwave available in the market like Inverter Turbo Defrost, Inverter Melt-Soften, Keep Warm and Child-Safety lock.
  • One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook; 1200 Watts of High Power; and Reheat for automatic cooking settings
  • Please note: upper left-corner door has a small indentation allowing the door to open smoothly.


Nostalgia Electrics RMO770RED Countertop Microwave


This last but not the least listed countertop microwave oven is a fairly small and compact model by Nostalgia which has 12 pre-programmed features for the user’s convenience. It comes with a 700 Watts of cooking power with 5 power levels, which might not be the best in this list, but it’s a more than enough factoring in the size and price.


Features Highlighted

  • 12 pre-programmed features and Digital clock
  • This countertop oven weighs only 23.7 pounds that allows you to place it anywhere in the kitchen wherever you prefer.
  • 700 Watts would slower your work than other models, but it’s fully capable to heatthe foods or reheat it.
  • Furthermore, it’s built by using quality materials making it reliable and durable.
  • It’s very quiet in its operation which is always a plus point.
  • There is a LED display with a good viewof angles and also a clock displaying the 24-hour international time.
  • Five power levels
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards


5 Top Rated Dishwashers in 2016

Dishwashers have two prominent advantages for us which are saving our works and saving energy. It’s a matter of wonder that some people are still using dishwashing machines that were bought five years ago or a decade ago because the newest devices are way better with its efficiency, cleaning performance and quietness of operation. Many more features have been evolved a lot since last ten years. With cheaper and older washing machines, you had to pre-rinse your dishes. But now here we present you 5 most useful and money worth dish washer in 2016 with the best brands.

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher?


The most important thing while choosing the best dishwasher is the ease of its use. For the top dishwashers, it means convenient loading.


If you are about to buy a built-in dishwasher, the proper consideration is a standard 24 inches model. This one is a good option for twelve to fourteen place settings. There you also have 18 inches built-in dishwashers, but they are better for a small kitchen of a small family who will use dishwashing machines seldom. Countertop portable dishwasher is great for small families and couples, because it supports 4-6 place settings

Multiple Cycles

You need to consider such a washing machine that allows you to adjust racks having many silverware slots and fold-down tines. A dishwasher with multiple cycles is that’s why recommended. The ideal dishwasher is that adapts to the food it has to be cleaned and the type of the dishes that are to be cleaned. A strong blast of hot water applied to fragile dishwasher can damage it. On the other hand, a strong blast is a must for mustard or baked foods. It’s useless in such cases to run the dishwashing machine in energy saving mode.

Dishwasher comparison table

[table id=2 /]


Top 5 Dishwasher in 2016

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White

Best dish washerThis countertop dishwasher is an economical, compact and Energy star certified dishwasher for Eco-friendly consumers. The white color blends in well with any types of decor and appliances which you have in place in your kitchen space right now. You don’t need to design to fit on counter areas, or even in the cabinet. The model is also available with a silver finish; you can choose any one to match best with your other kitchen appliances. It features an interior with stainless steel finish, so there is no worry about rust, or corrosion damage, even if you are using the dishwasher on a regular basis for everyday cleaning in your home.



Features Highlighted:-

  • Features with six wash cycles giving you the choice of most effectively clean
  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Offers economic wash cycle modes offering a saving mode during washing.
  • Economical features an efficient Energy Star certified design
  • Sleek design fits most standard cabinets and small counters.
  • Sleek silver finish is an ideal look for any contemporary kitchen

 Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher – White


This smallDanby countertop dishwasher is also designed to fit for most of the counters, you can also place it under mount or in a cabinet if you don’t have enough space on your counters of the kitchen. It features with a six place setting capacity which allowyou to wash all dishes of your entire family in one wash cycle, so you don’t have to run the dishwashing machine more than once a day. Moreover, with the Energy Star certified rating, you can save on the cost of its operation, as it is quite more efficient, even if you run this one everyday rather than hand wash dishes. It conserves water and you can also choose from a variety of rinse and wash cycle options while running the machine.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Electronic controls with an LED display (6 wash cycles)
  • Low water consumption of 3.7 gallons per wash.
  • Quick connect allows you an easy set up in your kitchen.
  • Electronic controlsand LED display allows a sleek finish.
  • Rinse agent dispenser and Convenient automatic detergent
  • Durable stainless steel interior

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher 24″

top dish washer

With a stainless steel exterior finish, this new Bosch dishwasher is not only gonna look fashionable in your kitchen with its beautiful stainless steel exterior finish, additionally it is going to serve your witha durable finish that will last for years. This unique designed dishwasher has a very huge interior capacity; wash cycle capacity of a sixteen place setting; so, you can easily wash your entire day’s dishes in just one cycle a day, so it allows you not to continually run the dishwashing machine several times in one day. Itsflexible third rack is designed in such way that allows you to place additional dishes and cups, or you also can move it to fit in additional silverware while washing more dishes at once, and ensures everything fits into the machine with only one cycle. The dishwasher also comes with several rinse cycles and wash modes for you to set up when run the Bosch dishwasher.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Six wash cycles to run on the dishwashing machine.
  • Flexible Third Rack
  • Five rinse cycle and washing options with greater capacity.
  • Delay cycle allows you to choose the time of the machine runs.16 Place Setting Capacities

Samsung DW80J3020US Front Control Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior


The new Samsung Dishwasherwith 24” interior capacity space does not only allows you to operate fewer cycles to wash your entire family’s dishes, it also allows you to save on energy consumption and on water consumption as well. Its durable stainless steel exterior is a sleek and it looks suitable in any space of your kitchen; the interior of the dishwasher also designed with durable stainless steel finish, so you don’t have to worry about the quick damage, corroded, or otherwise wearing down of your Samsung Dishwasher even if you run this on a daily basis for washing your dishes. The operation is done with no little noise and the low decibel levels of the dishwasher ensures that you will barely hear the machine, if you leave it to run overnight, so you won’t have to worry that it will going to keep you up overnight, or while walking anyone in your home when run the machine.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Dimensions(WHD) 23 3/4″ X 33 7/8 – 35 7/8″ X 24 1/2″
  • Hard food disposer allows the removal of elements and stuck on your foods.
  • Hidden heat elements prevent damages to your dishes.
  • At 50 dBA, you are barely going to hear the machine running at all.
  • Turbidity Clean Sensor

KitchenAid KDTE254ESS 39 dBA Dishwasher with ProScrub Option


The KitchenAid Dishwasher brings good news for those who are searching for the most quiet dishwashing machine on the market while choosing a new dishwasher for their home. It doesn’t get much lower than 39 dBA; this is the wow factor what you can get in this new appliance for your home. In fact, this new dishwasher model is regarded as the best Kitchenaid dishwasher by most of the housewives. It’s going to help for removing stuck and debris on food with its pro scrub option, prior to run the wash cycle. The features does not only ensure the best clean, this Kitchenaid is also ensures your dishes not going damaged by the abrasive or heavy wash cycles, which is often the issue with other dishwashers on the present market. The third level rack is ideal for longer and slim items which are needed to be washed. You can reduce the wash cycle number and easily fit your entire family’s dishes in this dishwasher, allowing you to finish all in one wash rather than running it for several times. According to theKitchenaid dishwasher reviews, this one is a great model for a quiet dishwasher. You may need to check more Kitchenaid dishwasher reviews if you like machines from this brand.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Dimensions (WHD): 23 7/8″ X 33 1/2 – 34 1/2″ X 24 /34″
  • Quiet operation ,at 39 dBA volume when the machine runs
  • 3rd Level Utensil Rack
  • Max rail allows easy slide, and maneuver, all racks in the dishwasher.
  • 40 Targeted spray jets get out even the toughest, stuck on foods.
  • Fold Down Tines And Fold Down Shelf.
  • 4 Hour Delay Option