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You probably know iRobot as the purveyor of robotic vacuum cleaners, but they do more than just Roomba. In addition to the company’s iconic carpet-cleaning bot, the company also produces robotic servants of all kinds, including gutter cleaners, pool cleaners, and autonomous floor scrubbers. Not being fans of manual labor, we had to get our hands on one of the latter to see if it was actually better than scrubbing floors manually. Here’s what we found. Scooba 450 cleaning video Setup and installation Getting this little bot up and running is about as simple as it gets. Don’t even...

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If you’re an amateur or professional chef with six grand just burning a hole in your pocket, we’ve got just the gadget for you. The Samsung RF34H9960S4/AA Chef Collection Refrigerator is bound to leave any food aficionado standing slack-jawed, awed by a truly stunning appliance. The massive unit features three highly-customizable compartments, a bevy of techy features and a back chilling wall that may freeze off your fingertips (OK, it’s not that cold). It would make a great centerpiece in a highly-trafficked kitchen. A chef-inspired design Samsung didn’t fly blind when designing this four-door fridge. The company gathered together...

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If you’ve browsed through YouTube any time in the past five years, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen Blendtec blenders before. The company has made a name for itself by blending everything from iPhones to Bic lighers on camera — but pulverizing a smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean a blender will make you a good smoothie. To see how Blendtec’s blenders perform in real-world applications, we brought one of its top-of-the-line models into our kitchen and went berserk. Here’s how it went. First impressions The first thing you’ll notice about this badboy when you take it out of...

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The Samsung JS9500 is the best-looking LED/LCD TV I’ve seen yet – emphasis on yet. I expect Sony’s flagship UHD TV to be extremely competitive this year, and based on what Panasonic accomplished last year, I’d say it very much remains in the running as well. With that said, Samsung sent me its flagship first, so it gets to be the recipient of my initial, unbridled excitement. And there’s a lot of that right now. Available from: AMAZON BEST BUY SAMSUNG In 2014, LCD TVs stepped into their own. Manufacturers pushed black levels deeper than ever and almost entirely tamed inherent flaws like halos around bright objects on a dark background and poor screen uniformity. The best LCD TVs were better than ever. And if 2014 was a landmark year for LCD TVs, 2015 will go down as the year 4K UHD came into its own.What’s new for UHD this year is the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) capabilities. At their most basic level, these unleash brighter, more colorful pictures, but such an oversimplified explanation fails miserably at communicating their visual impact. The improvements are obvious to anyone, and mean more to the average viewer than 4K UHD’s heightened resolution ever would have on its own. That’s what makes Samsung’s flagship SUHD TV such an awesome spectacle. Out of the box It’s nice...

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