Is autumn hands down your most loved season? Do you adore the exquisite fall colors and the fresh zephyr that seems to fill the air? Here is an amazing way to preserve the delight of autumn by bringing those colors and leaves indoors with a marvelous self-made decoration for your home that pulls off these incredible elements of nature into a work of art : A DIY Autumn Leaf

Add an instant appeal and glamour to your home with a bowl made out of leaves that takes just a few minutes and minimal supplies to put together. You can whip up this almost unchallenging craft with things that are so easy to avail. All you need to turn faux fall leaves into a stunning and functional decor item:

  • craft store leaf garland
  • Matte finish Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Mixing Bowl
    An inflated balloon having lots of leaves glued onto it will yield you some truly surprising results when dried and

This bowl can make for a truly chic seasonal decor for your house bringing a whole new level of comfort and homeliness to any space, whether you fill it with some little stuff such as candies, chocolates, accessories, tissues; put it below a glass bowl to turn it into an innovative serving piece; or simply place it as a centerpiece on the dinner table. Sporting the delicate and dainty look at its best, this one leaves your visitors wondering how you did it!
You would be amazed to see how this elegant leaf bowl looks quite a head turner with the magical work of lots of Mod Podge and a balloon. Below are the detailed instructions by Hello! Lucky to guide you through the process for making your very own autumn leaf bowl that looks just so unique and gorgeous!