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Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner in 2016

Selecting the right carpet cleaners is a quite difficult task, but it’s easy to get lost in the technical details of it.

This is where we help you. Here we created a review guide with the top 5 buys of best carpet cleaners (carpet cleaner rental) in the US, a no-nonsense and easy guide to finding out the perfect carpet cleaner for your needs.

What to look for in a carpet cleaner?

What kind of carpet cleaner (or carpet shampooer) you want to buy entirely depends on what you need it for. There are several options in the market according to the customers’ needs. You need to decide whether you need to buy a homemade carpet cleaner, resolve carpet cleaner, hoover carpet cleaner, Bissell carpet cleaner, carpet steam cleaner or simply rent carpet cleaner. We have created a complete guide for you to choose the best cleaner for you needs.

Having a large carpet

If you have a large area to clean it’s definitely a good idea to buy a cleaner having a large tank. This way you won’t waste any time going back and forward to refill the tank as you work.

Having Pets

For the pet owners we suggest to look for a carpet cleaners designed to handle stains from pets. Some units should have baskets to collect pet hair, which may be handy.

Pets leave hairs and stains. To effectively get rid of both these hair and the sometimes odorous stains you would either need carpet cleans that designed specifically considering pets, or an efficient professional carprt cleaner. They would get rid of the stains, the hair and the smell as well.

Having small children

An efficient cleaner that allows you to use often is a smart choice in this case. If you are worried about using cleaner chemicals you can just load your cleaner with a 100 % natural cleaning solution or even just use hot water. The hot water used would still get the carpet clean.

A handy way of cleaning up the messes occurred by the children is to use a portable cleaner, this way you can easily clean up the mess fast and bring it out. They are lightweight and stored easily. They are not meant to be cleaning large carpets though.

Removing tough stains

You need the most effective cleaners for deep clean getting rid of the dirt and grime embedded in the fibers. If you have enough budgets for it, we would recommend BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine and Rug Doctor Mighty Pro. They are the top listed and clean extremely efficient, deodorize the carpets and according to the review it’s better than many rental carpet  cleaners, so buying this you can save a lot in the long run.

If you are on a tight budget

The portable cleaner uses the same cleaning technique as the upright models does, but they often have weaker suction and smaller tank, which means you have to refill them most often. These types of cleaners are easy to handle and perfect for cleaning smaller areas and spot cleaning.
Having limited space

If you have a large area or several rooms to clean up, you should look for a cleaner having a large tank. With a large tank you won’t need to refill so often which saves you a lot of time.


Review of the five Best Carpet Cleaners in the US

These units have been praised by customers, and performs very well in our tests. This is some of the best buys the market has to offer 2016.

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine


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The BISSELL #86T3 is an ideal for those with large houses, pets or kids. The reason for this is its large capacity, clean water & dirty water tanks, and its efficient deep cleaning, which cleans both going backwards and forwards. This is one of those things that separate it from the Rug Doctor. Since Rug Doctor only cleans in one direction, you would need more passes to clean. There is also a stair tool for the tricky areas to reach and a tool to clean the upholstery.


  • Cleans on the forward and backward pass, which reduces your cleaning time and dries faster than competitive Rental cleaners
  • Large capacity clean and dirty water tanks offer deep clean with fewer trips to the sink, meaning less cleaning time
  • Rotating dirt lifter power brushes remove deep-down dirt Includes stain tool for hard-to-reach areas
  • Comes with Bissell 2x Professional deep cleaning Formula
  • Rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes provide more dirt removing power
  • Cleans better and dries faster* than the leading rental carpet cleaner
  • Removes tough spots and stains: long reach hose and tough stain tool make cleaning stairs and other hard to reach areas easy
  • Large capacity clean and dirty tanks: are removable, making filling and empty the tanks fast and easy
  • Flow Indicator: monitors water and solution levels and let’s you know when it’s time to check the tanks


Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

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The Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is made by Rug Doctor and it includes a Mighty Pro X3 machine, a spray container of urine eliminator, a combination stair/upholstery tool, and a 40-ounce container of BISSELL’s Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner.

Like the Bissells Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine, this one is a very powerful deep cleaner. The downside to this powerful cleaning is such that the machine is larger and heavier than average carpet cleaners.  There’s an advantage with the Rug Doctor over the Bissells Big Green is its longer power cord (28 ft vs 25 ft) and a better tank capacity  (3 gallons vs 1.75 gallons).

The Rug Doctor is especially designed for tough stains that pets and kids make in the house including a urine eliminator in order to clean and remove stains, smells and the pet urine.

It is ideal for a large house because of its large-capacity separate the tanks for the clean and dirty water.


  • Includes:(1) Mighty Pro X3 machine, (1) Upholstery/stair tool, (1) 40-oz. bottle of Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner, (1) 17-oz. Urine Eliminator Trigger spray
  • Handheld tool for upholstery, stairs, car and tight spaces.
  • Large-capacity tanks keep clean and dirty water separate

            BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized             Carpet Cleaner, 36Z9


delux pet pro carpet cleaners, delux pet carpet cleaners, carpet cleaners

This model from BISSELL contains twelve rows of Power Brushes which rotate to scrub the carpet clean. It comes with a Stain Trapper tool to finish it right.

There is a collection basket to catch the pet hair and odor control cleansing formula will help to eliminate pet stains and pet urine, and to get rid of the smell which makes this unit ideal for pet owners that need a very efficient cleaner that will remove bad smell.


  • Innovative Cleanshot Trigger directs the formula directly at stains for targeted stain removal
  • Heatwave Technology helps maintain consistent water temperature while cleaning
  • Stain Trapper tool keeps pet messes in the self-contained tool and out of the machine
  • Pet Hair Basket makes it easy trap and throw away pet hair and debris
  • Dual Power brushes with 12 cleaning rows pull deep dirt out of carpet


           BISSELL SpotClean Anywhere Portable               Carpet Cleaner, 97491

bissel carpet cleaner, portable carpet cleaner, carpet cleaner reviews

The SpotClean Anywhere is a perfect cleaner for home and office settings to remove spills and stains on carpets wherever they occur.

The small size makes it easy to handle for anyone. It’s quite easy to move this machine from this room to that with the soft-grip handle on top. The Stain Trapper Tool sprays the cleaning solution on the spills and stains and then scrubs and suctions the dirty liquid into a removable container not to mix with the cleaning solution. This carpet shampooer is a great option for apartment owners as it is small and slim, and hides away in a closet easily.


  • Heat Wave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature while cleaning
  • Removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying
  • Slim design for easy storage
  • Stain Trapper Tool for cleaning extra-gross, extra-stinky messes; This tool sprays, scrubs and stores messes in a separate, removable container so they don’t flow through the machine
  • HeatWave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature while cleaning
  • 2 bottles of BISSELL 2X Spot and Stain Formula (8 oz.) and 1 bottle of BISSELL Oxygen Boost Formula (16 oz.)
  • 2 bottles of BISSELL 2X Spot and Stain Formula (8 oz), and 1 bottle of BISSELL OxyGen Boost Formula (16 oz)
  • Stain Trapper Tool for cleaning extra-gross, extra-stinky messes. This tool sprays, scrubs and stores messes in a separate, removable container so they dont flow through the machine

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner, FH50150


power scrub delux carpet cleaner, hoover carpet cleaner, power carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is no exception to Hoover’s long history of providing quality products. This is a very light weight cleaner but it cleans as well as some heavier models with its SpinScrub® Technology. This model of cleaner is an ideal for people who don’t have much strength to handle the heavier carpet shampooers, but need more power than which the portables have to offer. It is one of those best carpet cleaners on the market and is an excellent budget choice.


  • Lightweight, weighs 18.1 pounds
  • Spinscrub technology – exclusive counter rotating brush system with 360 degree cleaning surrounding carpet fibers
  • Easy to use, easy to clean two-tank system, separate clean water/solution tank and spill-free dirty water tank which includes quick pour spout for easy emptying with no mess
  • Wash/rinse selector, wash your carpets with water and cleaning solution and then rinse your carpets with water only to remove soap residue
  • Dual v nozzle, provides powerful and consistent edge-to-edge cleaning for fast dry time with forced heated air


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