With modern homes becoming smaller and smaller, the need for storage has increased. Home buyers want homes that can hold their belongings without looking cramped, while still creating the illusion of more space. Whether you’re trying to sell a house, an apartment, or a condo, it’s important to create extra storage so you can stand out from other home sellers. Remember that buyers have a lot of choice so you must do everything you can to capture their attention.

Here are a few bedroom staging tips you can use.

Make Use of Multipurpose Furniture

One of the best ways to expand storage is by using furniture with two or more functions. Don’t choose many furniture pieces as they will just make your bedroom look messy. Get a bed bench or an ottoman with storage and make buyers fall in love with your bedroom. These two furniture pieces can provide storage for books, blankets, games, and much more. Large ottomans can also serve as tables or can contain hinged seats to store items inside. Ensure you take care of your furniture as multipurpose pieces tend to get used more often by homeowners.