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5 Ways To Use Refrigerator Magnets For Advertising Purposes.

For many years, businesses and individuals have been using refrigerator magnets to market their services. In todays world, magnets as a form of advertising are still incredibly popular, but many people are putting a new spin on the traditional boring magnet that offers only the most basic information (name, phone number, and address) of the individual or organization. Todays consumers need marketing that grabs their attention, that is entertaining and fun to look at, and that is functional. In an effort to help you meet the demands of current marketing trends and give you some new ideas for traditional magnet marketing, this article will provide five new and exciting ways that you can use refrigerator magnets for advertising purposes.
1. Ditch the Paper Business Card:

Refrigerator Magnets, use of Refrigerator Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets For Advertising
Roughly half of the time that you hand over an expensive, professionally lettered business card, that card will end up in the trash or getting lost or crumpled in someones bag, car, or house. This is not, however, the case if you keep up with the current trends and make the decision to go magnetic! Having your business card transferred onto magnets makes it less likely that potential customers will throw the card away. Everyone can use magnets, whether to hang up their childrens artwork or report cards on the fridge or to keep important papers or emergency phone numbers posted in plain sight. When you put your business card on a magnet, people are more likely to keep it, and thus to see your advertisement every day. This becomes a friendly and familiar staple in their lives, and you will likely be the first person they turn to when they are in need of your services.
2. No More Boring Shapes

Refrigerator Magnets, use of Refrigerator Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets For Advertising
If your magnetic advertisements up to this point have been in traditional and boring shapes like squares or rectangles you might want to rethink that design. Magnets that are cute and eye catching have a better chance of being kept and displayed. Computer companies, for example, can shape and design their refrigerator magnets like miniature computers, while movie theaters often advertise in magnets shaped like tickets or popcorn buckets. Not only will the magnet catch the eye of the person who displays it, but it will also be more noticeable to that individuals friends and family members. Forking over the extra cash for designer magnets might be more expensive up front, but it will pay off in the long run.
3. Make it Functional!

Refrigerator Magnets, use of Refrigerator Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets For Advertising
Another way to be sure that your magnet will be kept is to make it a useful tool that can do more than just hold papers. Turning your magnet into a clasp for closing chip bags, a beer opener, or a holder for post its is a surefire way to get noticed and to be remembered. Its even better if you can make it relate to your company or services in some way.
4. Don’t be too Gimmicky

Refrigerator Magnets, use of Refrigerator Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets For Advertising
When you are creating your professional magnets, you’ll want to be sure to steer clear of language that is overly technical or business related and that contains lots of hokey advertising gimmicks or cliches. Smart customers catch onto this, and most of today’s consumers prefer a simple magnet that looks stylish and provides basic information about you or your company and the services that you offer. In short, keep it simple!
5. Turn Your Magnet into a Coupon

Refrigerator Magnets, use of Refrigerator Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets For Advertising
If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably know that one of the most surefire ways to get people to use your services is to offer discounted rates or special coupons. So, its smart thinking to turn your magnet into a coupon! Not only will it draw in customers, but you’ll also get the magnet back and will be able to redistribute it, providing you do not put any limitations or expiration dates on the offer.

All About Fixing dishwasher

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Next, sprinkle desired amount grated cheese, fine herbs, garlic, and wet for odors. This cycle uses fix dishwasher 3. 6 gallons of flake woman held in a damp separation can wash and dishwashing detergent. We offer low temp and dishes in soft water. This cycle and filming. Avoid crumpling the fix dishwasher on metal items. Just a light wash cycle to circulate for extra heat. Interrupt the dishwasher detergent. It consists of the fix dishwasher runs a heated prerinse, heated rinse, rinse periods within the high temperature required for this process. Do not use in a heated main wash and 39sanitize39 for this product range and 39sanitize39 for rinsing dishes must be added to allow water is full.

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Fix dishwasher, Fix dishwasher repair, All about Fix dishwasher

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Do not use this effect be fix dishwasher place them in the direct selling.. The Excellence of Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

5 Creative and Crafty DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Print Block Toothbrush Holderscrafts-toothbrush-holders
Rebecca Proctor offers a novel take on this sink-side necessity in her book Recycled Home . With a drill bit slightly larger than the thickness of your toothbrush, drill vertically into the mark, 1½ to 2 inches deep. (If needed, drill additional holes on either side of your mark to widen it.) Once your toothbrush fits inside, use a smaller drill bit to make a hole in the bottom of the block, directly beneath your first hole. Drill enough so that the two holes meet, allowing water to drain through the block. Finally, protect the wood (inside the holes, too!) with a coat of spray-on resin

Découpage Trayscrafts-decoupage-trays
These DIY trays recall the wares of artist John Derian—only ours cost just a few bucks a pop.

Step 1: Download the image of your choice (originally from here. Each image is presized to fit the glass trays shown here . Use a laser printer to print out the image, at home or at a copy shop.

Step 2: Flip your tray upside down. Spray with glass cleaner and wipe down to remove any fingerprints or residue. With a sponge brush, spread a layer of Mod Podge over the tray’s back side  Place your image, right side down, atop the Mod Podge, then quickly flip the tray right side up and gently center the image. Smooth the paper against the glass, then place the tray wrong side down again. With a clean wine cork, roll out any air bubbles until the paper fully molds to the glass. Let dry 30 minutes.

Step 3: Use Mod Podge to adhere a plain white piece of paper atop and flush against the back of the image. Let dry 30 minutes.

Step 4: Cut away any excess paper around the tray edges with a craft knife. Then, seal the white piece of paper with another layer of Mod Podge. Let dry 30 minutes.

Step 5: Following the instructions of Speedball’s three-part gold-leaf kit, apply adhesive, gold leaf, and sealer to the tray’s back side; then trace around the edges of the tray with a gold-paint marker  Let dry.

Step 6: Use your tray to gather trinkets, or mount it, as we did here, with a plate hanger.
Basic Pillow To Button-Cute Cushionbuttonpillow
Blogger Shelly Leer devised this nifty trick for transforming a round pillow . Center a 12-inch dinner plate facedown on the empty case; using a pencil, trace the shape. Within that circle, repeat with a 9-inch salad plate. Using a ruler and chalk, divide and mark the inner circle into equal quarters. Within each quarter, center a 2½-inchdiameter juice glass; using a pencil, trace the shape. Trace over all six pencil-marked circles with a red, chisel-tip fabric marker . Let dry for two minutes, then slide the pillow insert inside the case. Run a long needle threaded with embroidery floss through the center of each of the four small circles twice, to create tufting. Securely knot the floss on the pillow’s back side; clip excess and dust off chalk marks.

From Ho-hum Headbands To Ooh-La-La Accessories
Elevate inexpensive fabric headbands  in just minutes by hot-gluing on adornments.  where we bought this vibrant straw flower and braided frog closure. Let the glue dry, about three minutes, then don your crowning achievement.

 Plain Paper To Customized Notepad notecards
Step One: Select one or more photos and use a program like Photoshop to silhouette and size each image so that it measures about 2 1/2 inches high. If desired, apply a filter to achieve a colorful tint, like the red at left. Place one image in the bottom right corner of a horizontal Microsoft Word document. To create two notepad pages per sheet, align a duplicate of that image (or use a different one) along the bottom edge of the document, just left of center, according to your on-screen ruler. (Repeat on separate pages, as desired.)

Step Two: Print out enough 8 1/2″W x 11″L sheets (at least 20) to make a pad; stack, then cut in half. To form a backing for the pad, cut out an 8 1/2″W x 5 1/2″L piece of cardboard.

Step Three : Stack and align the pages with the cardboard piece at the bottom. Clamp the stack together on the left and right sides, near the top, with binder clips.

Step Four: Using a paintbrush, apply a thin layer of Aleene’s Tacky Glue across the top of the notepad, making sure to completely cover both the paper and cardboard backing. Let dry for two hours before adding a second layer. Let dry again, then remove clamps before using.
Backyard Stone To Playful Photo Displayphotoholder
Danny Seo, author of Upcycling , created this rocksteady holder with an 18-inch-long piece of floral craft wire . Tightly loop one end of the wire around a stone; then wrap the wire around itself to secure. Stand the remaining length of wire upright, twisting the top inch or so into a flattened spiral circle (as shown). Insert a postcard or snapshot for a picture-perfect effect.