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Whynter ARC14S Portable Air Conditioner Review

Whynter ARC14S, Portable Air Conditioner Review
Most homes in tropical countries use air conditioner. For some, air conditioner is perhaps an extravagance, but for many it is a needed amenity. Many companies of air conditioner provided customers of their products that will suit their budget. You can have air conditioning in your home without expending more money. There are air conditioners now that is affordable. They offer range of air conditioner to users. The most innovative air conditioner offer now is what they called eco-friendly air conditioner which Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) is belong.
It is true that air conditioning is necessity for almost usually in commercial such as the hotels and other private and public buildings. The use of air conditioning is to give cool environment. How can you imagine if air conditioner was not invented? Is it not good right? So we have to be thankful that air conditioners are there to provide people a comfort shelter. From home to your office it is nice to have any types of air conditioner but it is much better if your air conditioner is eco-friendly like a Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)Product
Whynter ARC14S, Portable Air Conditioner Review
features of Whynter ARC14S:
*Colors: Black and Platinum
*Three functioning modes: dehumidifier, fan and air conditioner
*LCDI plug
*Cooling capacity: up to five hundred square feet
*Remote and digital controls
*Three fan speeds
*With casters for easy movement
*Twenty four hours programmable timer
*Washable pre-filter
*1 year warranty and 3 years warranty for compressor
*Window set
Pros and cons of Whynter ARC-14S
Whynter ARC14S, Portable Air Conditioner Review
Whynter ARC-14S Pros
*The Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) keeps your area cool and comfortable. It is eco-friendly and created for lower energy consumption. This is effective and efficient works with ozone-safe. This air conditioner will not add to problem in the environment preservation. It gives you comfortable shelter without bad effect to the nature.
*This sturdy unit cools the area of the room with fresh and clean air up to five hundred square feet with regular ambient room environments. It is a multi-purpose air conditioner can put in any room such as server or computer room, bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, office, stores and many more. There is no hassle when you are working because of the warm climate.
*The Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) is easy to transfer from place to place because of its multidirectional casters. It can be easy to be wheeled without so much effort, no need to lift it.
*It has washable accessories such as pre-filter for clean operation of unit.
*The auto drain works to eliminates condensation for produce clean and cool air. The process stops overflow condensation from collecting, making the air conditioner right for continuous use.
*The three functioning modes provide choices of what your air conditioner will function. You can choose the fan modes, dehumidifies or air conditioner. The fan mode flow air in the area and provides four fan speed rates to select. *Air conditioning includes dehumidifies and cooling while dehumidify mode is without cooling.
*The window kit is easy to install which include slide bar that match the thirty six inches wide windows. The window kit also consist of hoses and gears for securing the hoses to the component.
*Easy to manage because of remote and digital controls.
Whynter ARC14S Cons
*There are accessories of the unit which is costly like the replacement hose.
*Heavy unit
Customer Reviews and Scores
Whynter ARC14S, Portable Air Conditioner Review
The users of Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) gave the product with five stars rates. They experience the effectiveness of the product when it comes to cooling. They have comfort using the air conditioner in their homes or workplace. For some, the price is great and will arrive in expected time for delivery.   They are satisfy for years with the units and still continue working and give them fresh and cool room environment. The mostly complain about the product is it works with noise but not as much as traditional window air conditioner. This unit is giving customers a powerful performance.
The customer reviews of users can determine if the product is worth to buy. Considering the whole reviews of users you will know that Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) works well.
Generally, the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) is a god product. The highlight feature of this air conditioner is eco-friendly. There is no guilt while using plus you are comfortable staying in any area of your home. You can use another unit in any part of your house for total convenience. It easily cools your home with minimal lower consume of electricity. Having an air conditioner like Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) is both luxury and necessity that gives every user comfortable lifestyle.

SPT SF-610 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler With Ionizer Review

There are so many things wrong with this unit that I’m surprised I’ve managed to remember them all. Some other reviewers have touched base on them already, but here are the details:

SPT SF-610, Portable Evaporative Air Cooler,  Air Cooler With Ionizer Review
* You put water and/or ice in the top of the air cooler; you cannot put water where the ice is and vice-versa. The area where you pour water into is about 3×2 inches in size (yes, really!), while the area for ice is about 7×3 inches. You literally need a funnel or a small plastic tube to fill the unit up with water (see below). But it gets worse…
* Easily the biggest flaw: the water/melted ice goes down a tube and literally into the casing of the unit! There is no water tank, or centralized hold for liquids. The entire bottom of the unit is the “tank”, if you can even call it that.
* The two cooling packs provided contain some sort of cheap coolant liquid inside of them — they do cool quite well, but here’s the problem: they’re physically too large. The cooling packs are dropped into the bottom of the casing (where the water is), right into the water. They don’t mount inside anywhere.
* The “door” for the cooling packs is too small for my hand (and I have small hands), which makes removing the cooling packs impossible. It took me a good 5 minutes using a pair of plastic pliers to grab a pack and remove it. The door is held shut with magnets, which is admittedly nice. But the door empties right into the water “tank”, which means you might as well fill it up from the side and not the top! What were they thinking when they engineered this thing?!

SPT SF-610, Portable Evaporative Air Cooler,  Air Cooler With Ionizer Review
* Water pump is a pump intended for aquariums. If you open up the back of the unit (which you have to do for water filter cleaning; see below), you can peek inside and see quite clearly printed on the pump “AQUARIUM PUMP”. Most aquarium pumps I know are loud, not soft/quiet nor do they hum; and because the pump is screw-mounted to the bottom of the unit (which is plastic), I’m left thinking the entire unit must vibrate heavily when powered on. This makes you question the production quality of this item.
* Water refill line is recessed deep inside the unit due to how the plastic casing is molded; it’s impossible to read, and it’s incredibly important (see above) to not go above a certain fill line. If you go above the line, water will start to come out of the front of the unit, and the rear of the unit (bottom of where the air filter starts).
* The air/lint filter on the back is easily removable. However, to clean the water filter, you must remove 6 screws and proceed to wiggle/wobble plastic pieces until you pull the back of the unit out. Why screws? Why not some retention plastic, or a clip? Better yet, why not magnets like the ones used on the coolant door? You cannot remove it entirely, because attached to it (permanently) is a bright orange hose connected somewhere within the unit; it has no slack. You need 3-4 hands to do this job.
* The water filter itself is what looks to be nylon webbing, identical to what some people use in a clothes hamper. It’s just some cheap mesh with some Velcro on it so you can remove it semi-easily.

SPT SF-610, Portable Evaporative Air Cooler,  Air Cooler With Ionizer Review
* Manual states you must clean the water filter every 2 weeks. Yup, you get to disassemble the unit that often. Fun for the whole family?
* Much to my amusement, the drainage spout (if you need to drain the unit) is directly behind where the AC power cord is. Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?
Should you avoid this product? Absolutely. I’m left wishing I could give this thing negative stars; seriously, SPT should be ashamed for engineering something like this. I realize it’s somewhat inexpensive, but what you get for under a hundred US dollars isn’t even worth it.

Best Water Filter Reviews in 2016

In the United States, public water system undergoes a strict guideline to ensure the safety issues of drinking water. Yet, it doesn’t mean it’s free from all sorts of water contaminants. The water you are taking may still contain impurities which is not only going to affect your health but also change the taste, color, even smell of your drinking water. So, no matter how safe you seem your drinking water is you still need to assure of the safety twice. That’s why it’s so much important to select and buy the best home water filtration system for your kitchen.

Water filter systems like under the counter water filters will help you reducing all contaminants from you water. These systems are also known as the faucet water filters. However, we have come with almost all best featured water filters reviews with their advantages and disadvantages. So stay with us and choose the best one for your kitchen.  Our effort to make a complete guide for you including the best water filtration pitcher review, best well water filtration pitcher reviews, best countertop water filtration system, best under sink water filtration system, best portable water filtration system and so on which will cover all your requirements that will help you to choose the one of your need. Stay connected with us!!!

Things to consider

Designed to Eliminate Specific Contaminants- To be assured if your filter removes a certain contaminants or not check that your filter met NSF-certification for that substance. NSF is an international nonprofit testing lab that certifies products to NSF standards including CSA, UL, and WQA. 

If it’s time to change your filter- Almost all filtering systems work in the same way that water pass through a removable cartridge filled with a filtering medium like activated charcoal. So, filters can get clogged or becoming no longer effective. So, check out the manufacturer’s recommendation on schedule for changing them or buy such one that has an indicator telling you it’s time.

Factor in the cost of replacing filters- Costs vary by the filter types and models. Among carafes, filter cost per year changes its ranges by $32 to $180.

Figure out the amount of drinking water your family needs- A carafe or two may be enough for one or two people, but it’s not an ideal for a family that needs several gallons of water a day. Countertop and under sink models are ideal for those families as it can filter a big amount of water.

Time needed for Filtering water- Funny but important!!!! Before you buy a filter consider your patience level and the amount of water that your family uses in a day including the cooking. Carafe and reverse-osmosis filters filter generally in the slowest flow rates and scored on their own scale. Among other types like countertop, faucet mount and under sink models, the faucet mount filter flows the slowest.

Home Master  2-Stage Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter with Fine Sediment and Carbon

Sediment is one of the harmful contaminating elements found in the water supply which can be come in contact of your drinking water supply from many sources including rust. Well water has high chances to contain sediment content since it’s a great deal of organic particles of earth suspended in the water. So, if you have a supply of water from the well water then you must choose the best well water filtration system for your family.

The Home Master filtration system’s sediment filter is considered to be the best home water filtration system and the best well water filtration system at the same time. It fits into your water line right there, where it enters your house. And it’s very suitable for your whole house water filter. It catches all those sediment and other harmful elements before it can damage or get into contact with your home’s water supply. This extra-large filter system can be the proper choice for your house.

Features Highlighted:

  • Massive filter housings with 1 inch ports for the strongest water pressure possible – up to 15-Gallon per minute
  • Replaceable coconut shell carbon filter with 100,000-Gallon capacity provides a full year of clean water for a four membered family.
  • Dual gradient density replaceable sediment filter with greater dirt holding capacity produces finer filtration and. Filtration down to 1 micron
  • Excellent purification – removes up to 95-percent of sediment, chlorine, chemicals and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors
  • Oversized filters improve the flow rate and reduce its maintenance frequency

4 Gallon Countertop Water Filter Review – Transform Tap Water to Premium Alkaline Mineral Drinking Water

countertop water filter

I highly recommend Zen Water Systems’s 4 Gallon Countertop Water Filter for people who need the best countertop water filtration system for their own house. This one can beat many of the filtration system by the quality of their water filtration.

Other than these, it really provides you with great tasting water.  This Zen Water filter does a pretty good job to ionize the water of an amount that a family drinks every day. It’s quite expensive for a average family to buy the bottled alkaline water. For those people no other model can be better than this ionizing countertop filter. It’s quite a perfect choice for you.

Features Highlighted:

  • 1 System; 5 Functions: Filters, Mineralizes, Alkalinizes, Purifies, Magnetizes
  • Transforms the tap water into healthy, clean, mineralized alkaline drinking water
  • Multi-stage filtration system removes all the harmful contaminants including chlorine, bacteria, chemicals and other impurities from water.
  • Convenient, versatile & affordable
  • BPA-Free. No electricity or plumbing required. Easy assembly.
  • Adds essential minerals and bio-energy properties to boost overall health and vitality

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

pocket water filter

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is a totally different features filter designed with reliability and longevity in mind and undoubtedly the best portable water filtration system Made with solid metal pieces and a silver impregnated ceramic filter. However, it comes with a whopping 20 year warranty and can treat about or over 13,000 gallons before needing a replacement cartridge.  The most considerable thing about this model is its expense, but yet it worth your money. The Pocket would be an ideal choice for river trips, or for the guides who are treating water for a large group of people, since its weight is not a concern. As it’s a pump, it can treat as little or as much water as desired. With this cutest filter you can be assured that it will do well, last forever, and you can warranty it if fails.

Features Highlighted:

  • Pocket water filter designed four outdoor enthusiasts and international travelers
  • Filters all microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns to produce clear, drinkable water
  • Filter’s silver-impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa
  • Round pump handle for easy pumping; outlet hose attaches to containers with clip

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Black Water Filtration Pitcher

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Black

The MAVEA Elemaris XL has been designed in an innovative and easy to use formula which is activated by the water flow internally. The overall appearance and constructed features of the pitcher made it get the best water filtration pitcher review.  It has a minimalistic and soft appearance with rubberized accents making the glass pitcher comfortable to hold on and use.

The German-made filtration system is the best with the highest quality materials such as BPA-free plastics. The whole design is generated keeping concern for health and convenience, with the superior filter components for the best taste of water. Moreover, all MAVEA water filters cartridges are in water, while they also reduce other water contaminants, including heavy metals, agricultural chemicals and industrial pollutants.

Features Highlighted:

  • MAVEA: A More Advanced Water Filter
  • Available in an array of sizes and colors to fit every lifestyle.
  • Easier and more convenient to use features
  • Utilizes advanced MAVEA Maxtra filtration
  • Scratch resistant
  • BPA Free
  • certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for the ability to minimize chlorine taste

APEC – Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

5 stage water filter

The APEC Water 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis system is rewarded to be the best portable water filtration system in our shortlist. This model is quite similar to the iSpring. Precisely the details vary slightly, but it also contains an RO membrane which removes 1,000 different water contaminants. The APEC, like its RO counterparts, also removes viruses, bacteria, and other heavy metals. A certain amount of water should be discharged to get this pure water.  This model is the best of the best’s choices for those who are looking for an affordable and portable water filter having a production rate of 50 gallons per day, quoted by the company.


Features Highlighted:

  • Only technology to remove up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, lead, fluoride, virus and 1000+ contaminants.
  • Super secure & convenient.
  • Authentic 100% Built in USA machine, real US manufacturer to guarantee water safety & user’s health.
  • System comes with 100% Lead-Free chrome faucet, plus NSF & FDA Certified JG Food grade tubing to provide safe
  • Premium long-lasting filters used to treat tap water, well water. Provide unlimited clean, refreshing crisp tasting water superior to bottled water.
  • 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee. The size of the tank included with the system is 11″ x 11″ x 15″.
  • High quality Quick Connect fittings, requires no extra lock clips or steps to seal leak.
  • The WQA certified manufacturer guaranteeing trouble free, noise-free system for long lasting, dependable, pure drinking water system along with its tank, is design to fit a standard kitchen cabinet.


Best Kitchen Sinks and Kitchen Fittings Reviews

No doubt!!! A kitchen is the heart of a house and surely the kitchen fittings and the sink make it more attractive. So, choosing the best kitchen sinks and kitchen fittings for the kitchen is literally being the most important task for the house owner. Many people don’t even consider that the sink can be a vital part of their kitchens. But trust me; if your kitchen sink is dull and of a bad taste then it will blend in surely.

Consider this with care, if a sink is beautiful and of a perfect choice, it will get noticed by any visitor as it is really an important part of the kitchen that can’t be hidden or avoided. We use our kitchen sinks for many purpose including washing our hands, washing fruits, vegetables and other cooking stuffs, some people even use it as a bathtub for their pets and babies – it can definitely be called as the life blood of the kitchen.

However, it’s very important to check out the best kitchen sink reviews before you make any final decision on choosing the best fittings for the kitchen. Reviews are generally written by the buyers, stores, contractors, etc, which actually matters that you take the time to research on what people are saying about that particular product.

Things to consider

Now that we learn that there are so many varieties of sinks to choose from, you will find yourself in dilemma how you are going to be able to decide which kitchen sink will be the best for you!!! So, start from here-

  • Consider the space to allocate- take a measurement in your mind about what space you would give to allocate the sink? A lot or just a little? If you choose an incredibly large sink for your small kitchen, it would more than likely to look pretty silly. Similarly, if you have a large kitchen space you must not choose a small sink as it would likely get lost in all of the other kitchen fittings.
  • Select a design of your choice- Once you’ve decided how much space dedicated for the kitchen sink, you move on to decide the design. It’s important to keep several questions to satisfy in mind including what reason particularly you use the kitchen sink for. Whether you cook often? Big or small meals? Audiences you are gonna cook for? After satisfying all these questions you would make sure of your desired design.
  • Consider the installation type-, what installation type makes you comfortable to use at the kitchen? In short, which installation type you like best? Whether will are going to choose yours between the top mount and undermount kitchen sinks whereas each have different installation systems.

Consider the shape, color and Material- Choosing the right shape, color and material is another important consideration. All sinks are not of stainless steel, so if you have your heart set on the stainless steel then choose a stainless steel sink by all means and choose best stainless steel kitchen sinks. Kitchen sinks come in a granite composite, cast iron, porcelain and natural stones as well as stainless steel. There are pros and cons of each material, but the ultimate choice should be yours and yours alone.


KRAUS 30 Inch 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink, KHU100-30


kraus 30 inch sink

It’s not an easy task to find out the best stainless steel kitchen sink in the market as there are many available those look similar. Kraus products have a specialty here. All of their products are handmade and this fabulous model of kitchen sink is no exception. This pure stainless steel sink serves almost all imaginable purposes mention over; it’s beautiful durable and functional at the same time. So, making no delay just follow the link to buy on amazon.


Features Highlighted

  • Heavy-duty handcrafted stainless steel kitchen sink
  • 1 IN QUALITY AND VALUE Premium grade
  • Best-in-industry NoiseDefendTM soundproofing and protective undercoating
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • FREE KITCHEN ACCESSORIES: Bottom Grid, Kraus 100% Cotton Dish Towel, 3-Piece Basket Strainer, all packaged with sink in a premium Kraus Utility Bag
  • 16 gauge stainless steel, soundproofing on the underside, wire rack for the base of the sink.
  • Reasonable price

Blanco 440194 Single 9-1/2” Bowl Depth Undermount, Anthracite

blanco depth undermount bowl

This Blanco sink is absolutely outstanding and one of the best undermount kitchen sinks you could find in the market. This is such classy looked sink that would easily match to a kitchen and will have your guests asking, “Where did you find this?” It is built from the material, Silgranit that makes your sink stand on a high temperature. Moreover while it’s resilient and incredibly strong in that respect, Silgranit also resist breakage to the dinnerware or delicate crystal what gives an extra benefit of having this material in your kitchen sink.

The large single bowl Sink is deep enough to wash many dishes at a time and furthermore it’s large enough to provide enough space for specially large dishes to soak in which is a first priority for many customers. So, if you are one of them then go for it now on amazon.


Features Highlighted

  • Required outside cabinet: 33″ (drop-in), 36”
  • Resistant to scratches, stains and all household acidsand alkali solutions
  • 80% solid granite, Heat resistant up to 536°F
  • 1/2” deck thickness, Limited lifetime warranty
  • Undermount clips sold separately

2 PCS Stainless-Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer – Large Wide Rim 4.45″ Diameter – Perfect for Kitchen Sinks (Large) – Fengbao

Fengbao sink strainer is a large and wide sized sink that fits the size drain area with a built-in protector. So the strainer stays firmly put. It’s a perfect Stainless-Steel Kitchen Strainer that fits your sink well.
Quick rinse or hand wash with the kitchen hose is highly recommended to maintain the mirror finish shine flawless over time.

Although Stainless Steel is built for a long-lasting service, its robust construction allows for a rust-free and long term service. All over this strainer specializes to be avoidable and prevents the recurrent plumbing problems by ensuring a very long-lasting protection against the clogging. Especially the 2 mm dia. micro perforations are the plus point of the strainer which efficiently prevents the smallest food particles also from going through.


Features Highlighted

  • Micro-perforation: 2mm dia holes.
  • Suited for daily utilitarian use with long-lasting protection against clogging.
  • Stainless steel construction for a rust-free long service.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Efficient anti-clogging shield letting the liquid flow flawlessly into the drain while blocking food particles.
  • Easy wash with warm and soapy water keeping the mirror finish shine.
  • 4.45″ overall dia. includes 2.75″ micro-perforated bowl area which is contoured by a 2-ply metal sheet flat rim to the rest over sink’s drain.

Turbo Snake Drain Opener

turbo snake drain opener

The Turbo Snake is a great and effective tool for every kitchen conscious housekeeper with a view to unclogging sink drains. All you need to do is to get prepared to spend your five minutes to do the job on working the Turbo Snake around your sink’s stopper at various depths in the clogged drain. This Drain Opener is so easy to access that everyone can use the Turbo Snake. This one is the best drain opener for kitchen sink working very effectively. The Turbo Snake is much cheaper than any other drain cleaners, especially since you would able to reuse it. Overall, it’s an inexpensive and the best kitchen sink strainer to keep around your house to clean out the sink drains.  I highly recommend this one. Buy it on Amazon right now.


Features Highlighted

  • Plastic
  • Instantly Removes Drain Hair
  • Imported
  • Reasonable Price

Eyekepper Aquafaucet Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Out Down Sprayer Mixer Taps Wet Sink Bar Faucets

nickel kitchen sink faucet

This is a very good quality kitchen fittings with two pipes specialized for both the cold and hot water which perfectly matches with any types of sinks and other fittings. The Eyekepper Kitchen Sink Faucet is constructed with a brushed nickel coating. The basic material of the faucet is Solid brass. This Swivel Spout Deck Mounted featuring model is one of the best kitchen sink taps you can find in the market. Follow this link to buy on amazon now.


Features Highlighted

  • Eyekepper trademark,With Matching Escutcheon Cover Plate Brushed Nickel
  • Feature:Swivel Spout,Deck Mounted
  • Type: Kitchen Sink Faucet
  • Material:Solid brass;
  • Finish:Nickel Brushed
  • Spout Height :250 mm (9.84″),Overall Height :450 mm (17.7″), Spout Length:220 mm (8.66″)

This is a complete overview of our 5 top listed best Kitchen Sinks and kitchen fittings reviews. You can compare each and every product with the other products available in market but before you go for the final decision you must have to pay certain attention over the best reviewed products at least once. This was just a little effort of ours to help you out choosing the best and right kitchen materials to match specifically your own kitchen according to your taste.


Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews For 2016

Before you think about buying a faucet, you might have to go through best kitchen sink faucet reviews and find out the opinions of the users and the experts. I am here at your help to choose the best one for your kitchen.

While building a home, you must take care of each and every aspect of that to make it beautifully done. Being the home owner you have control over any decisions for your house that you can renovate whenever you need according to your own wish. When it comes on designing your kitchen, you should really take good care about the kitchen faucets like any other important things. The kitchen is really gonna look beautiful if you can choose the best kitchen sinks and faucets for your kitchen.

You should analyze the best kitchen faucet reviews and mark out the best rated kitchen faucets to buy them at a low cost. Spending some bucks for your kitchen faucet will worth both your time and money for decorating the kitchen where you spend a tremendous amount of your budget in building it.

While upgrading your kitchen faucets, make sure it match with your ideas and taste for the kitchen. Even though it’s relatively a straight forward and simple task, you must take it in concern for various factors before purchasing the best kitchen faucets.

A choice of beautiful and high quality kitchen faucet will surely make your kitchen look attractive. Since, we spend quite a lot of our time there, so, it should be very pleasant for us. A house feels pleasant when the things in and around it look stunning. Finding out the best kitchen faucets gives a firm look to the kitchen and also please the people spending time there.

Things to Consider:

Several things you must consider while choosing the perfect and best featured kitchen sink faucets. All of them have been mentioned down below-

Match your Faucet with the Number of Mounting Holes
Most of the sinks come with pre-drilled mounting holes for faucets and accessories just like side sprays or even soap dispensers. If you’re tending to keep your original sink, you’ll have to match what you already have or get a base plate to cover up any extra holes. However, the base plate just been sold with your new faucets can be used to cover up holes in your countertop, but it would be a wiser decision not to buy a faucet that will require more sink holes than your sink currently has.

Spout Styles and Shapes

Best reviews for kitchen faucets generally uphold that, straight spout faucets are often compact and quite inexpensive. Gooseneck kitchen faucet models have higher clearances, but can cause splashing when your sink is shallow. So, whatever style you choose, make sure the faucet head swings enough to reach the entire sink, especially then, when you own a wide or double bowl sink. You should keep the faucet proportional; It’s quite odd to look a large sink with a small faucet.

Installation and Repair

Replacing a faucet along with the sink is easier because the faucet is installed in your sink, or in the countertop before the sink is put in its place. Long water-supply hoses will allow you to make the connections lower in the sink cabinet where tools are much easier to use. Though most of the faucets are guaranteed not to leak, if yours also does, the manufacturer will provide you only the replacement part—it’s totally up to you to install it.

Here’s a short list of the top rated faucets with reviews. In the graphic below we will highlight a variety of best rated kitchen faucet including the best touchless kitchen faucet, best pull out kitchen faucet, best kitchen faucet with sprayer, best pull out kitchen faucet

and also the best water filter for kitchen faucet and all that worth to me mentioned before you.

  • Kraus KPF-2110 Single Lever Stainless Steel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet


kitchet faucet, kraus kitchen faucet

The most annoying thing experienced in your kitchen about an old pull out kitchen faucet is that constant “drip, drip” sound. This can be happen when it’s been just plain rusty and beyond help. This is not the only complaint of the users. There are a number of them. However, it’s never too late. Here we go with the best pull out kitchen faucet review for your help. The best rated pull out kitchen faucet in our shortlist is the Kraus KPF-2110 single lever pull-out faucet. It won’t surprise me that much if you tell that you had never heard of this new brand as it isn’t that well known yet. But, I just couldn’t resist myself to include a review for this one just finding it out as the nicest looking and the most convenient pull out kitchen faucets in the market at present. You must go through the features and you also wouldn’t resist yourself to buy this one. Buy it now on amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lead-free Brass construction
  • Spout swivels for complete sink access
  • Expedient single-lever design for an effortless controlled flow.
  • Dual-function pull-out sprayer with secured docking & retractable hose with counter weight
  • Low flow / High performance neoperl aerator
  • Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motion sense One-Handle High Arc Pull-down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless


moen kitchen faucet, spot resist stainless faucet

The title to this best Pull Down kitchen faucet with the touch-less technology review might be a little over the top, but it’s not far off. When it comes to choose the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen, it is our concern to include the style, better functionality and most importantly the latest in technology at your fingertips.
The actual fact is that the faucets no longer have to be such a device you can plumb into your system and furthermore it just offers you options for a steady stream either of hot or cold water.

Manufacturers always pay attention to what their consumers comment. After all, if you don’t buy their products they definitely gonna face a trouble. Moen is one of those customer conscious companies that have taken on board what their customers have to say about their products and the result is the outstanding model Moen 7594ESRS Arbor MotionSense kitchen faucet. So, why wasting your time?? Buy it now on amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spot Resisting stainless steel resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • Features Duralock quick connecting system for an easy installation
  • Equipped with the Reflex system for a smoother operation, secure docking and easy movement of the spray head
  • Motion Sense delivers an exceptional hands-free convenience to allow a simple hand movement triggering the flow of water
  • Designed to be installed through  1 or 3 holes; escutcheon included
  • Delta 4453-SS-DST Linden Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray, Stainless


delta kitchen faucet, stainless kitchen faucet

It’s literally a great trouble to find the best kitchen faucet with sprayer without having a proper knowledge on this section and I can understand you have thousands better tasks to do than it. No worries!!! Here I have brought you the best featured kitchen faucet review from the experienced customers.

The Delta 4453-SS-DST, a single handle faucet with separate spray is another short listed product for best kitchen faucet with sprayer reviews. It’s constructed with some awesome feature that would blow your mind. Check the features out and buy now on amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • The design of this model is inspired by a strong presence in the nature such that of a tree with reaching branches
  • Single handle design for an ease of control of temperature and flow with just one hand
  • Includes matching side spray with a design of front trigger, allows user to more easy activation of the sprayer by lightly squeezing while it’s held comfortably in hand
  • Optional 10-1/2-Inch escutcheon included
  • Order RP54977 for 1.5 gpm Water Efficient aerator
  • Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit


kitchen faucet filter, advanced faucet filter

Culligan FM-15A is the best sold faucet mount water filter and is the best water filter for kitchen faucet on the market. It is featured with 200 gallons of water filter life and serves you with a 2-year warranty. One best benefit provided by this advanced faucet filter kit is the ease of installation. You will need no tools and will take just seconds of yours to screw it onto the end of the tap. It fits with almost all the commercially taps available in the market and highly recommended for the best kitchen sinks and faucets. You can use it for both the filtered or unfiltered water.

You will find may positive reviews of this model from many users who consider it to be the best water filter for faucet installation. Follow the link to buy it now on amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Efficient faucet mount design
  • Reduces unpleasant odor
  • Removes sediment, chlorine, lindens lead, and atrazine as well as other substances
  • Reduces bad taste and odor
  • To ensure its high quality, Culligan FM-15A has NSF certification.
  • Includes a cartridge-change reminder sticker
  • also available in polished chrome finish


  • Instapure Brands F2BCTU-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter Chrome



instapure kitchen faucet, instapure water filter, kitchen faucet

F2LBCTU is another best faucet mount water filter that provides a clean drinking water by reducing chlorine and odors, and also improves the taste. The installation will take less than 4 minutes and it’s featured similarly to the previous models. It comes in a nice design in chrome finish and a clear cover. It is a recommended one for the best kitchen sink faucet reviews. Check out and buy on amazon now.

Highlighted Features:

  • Faucet water filter reduces bad taste, odor, and chlorine in drinking water
  • Built-in knob extends filter cartridge life by allowing choice of filtered or unfiltered water
  • Chrome finish and clear cover fit modern decor
  • 1-year warrant
  • Includes faucet filter system and 3-month filter cartridge
  • Ensured by NSF certification

Top 5 Best Countertop Microwaves in 2016

Have you ever thought of your kitchen running without a microwave oven just for a day?I don’t think so. Technology has made our lives so fast that we always need an instant solution to each of our needs on the go. The Microwave oven is one of those very common kitchen appliances that we use extensively to heat foods. Microwaves are constructed of infrared wave forms that have been used in the electromagnetic field. The most versatile used frequency in the microwave oven with 2,450 megahertz. These microwave ovens have become a must have for all kitchens. These come in different sizes and shapes to suit the needs of a family. They differ in their features, designs and operations. To find out the best microwave oven for your kitchen you need to compare the top products first and then to pick the one of your highest use. Here you are going to find a complete guide for the best microwave ovens in 2016. Just follow the guides given here and you will get to what you want exactly.

Types of microwave oven:

Generally, considering the functionality, the microwave ovens are of three types as following;

Solo microwave oven:

Solo Microwave Oven is the most basic type of microwave ovens. There is only a magnetron inside the oven which produces the microwaves. It’s only limited to heating and boiling while it’s unable for baking and roasting.

Grill microwave oven:

Grill Microwave Ovensare more focused on making food than the solo microwave oven and similar to a conventional grill. It can brown the food items; make them juicier from inside and crispier by outside. These types of ovens generally come with heating coils and are proven as a better option for cooking.

Convection microwave oven:

The last type is Convection Microwave Ovens, which are probably the most widely used ovens among these three types. This oven can heat food very quickly and can also be used for the baking and browning purposes. They also have a thermostat so that you can control the temperature range.

Moreover, on the basis of modes of installation and size the microwave ovens can also be classified as

  • Countertop microwave ovens
  • Over the range microwaves
  • Under the counter microwave ovens or integrated microwave ovens.

These can come in sizes from small, medium to a full size microwave oven.

Now since you have got the baseline about the microwave ovens you should now make up your mind to the shortlist which features would you like to have in your list.

Let’s introduce you with the top 5 list that have been selected keeping in mind that generally what people likes and what are the best features people would love to have and how well these ovens perform in a kitchen. The list consists of 5 of the popular brands available on the market. So, just pick one of them whichis closest to your needs.

Best Countertop Microwaves Comparison

[table id=3 /]

Panasonic NN-SN651B Countertop Microwave

microwave oven

This model of Panasonic microwave oven comes with the prestigious Inverter Technology which actually heats easily properly and evenly. This oven allows for quick defrosting and gives a perfect flavor. It comes with a power of 1200 Watts which heats the food very quickly and it’s built with automatic features like Genius Sensor Cook technology. The oven has the Reheat option for automatic cooking and also an Even Keep Warm Featured. It’s a very convenient and stylish oven model with a 1.2 cubic foot volume. It measures by 13-1/2 inches, which is a perfect oven to cook any types of dishes which can be used for multi purposes morethan heating since it allows variable temperature setting.


Features Highlighted

  • It is a fairly compact and light model that can be placed easily in the kitchen without any inconvenience.
  • 13-1/2-inch turntable; delay start and timer; more/less control; quick minute, popcorn key
  • Child safety lock,
  • 10 power levels for convenience
  • 1200 watts of high power; reheat for automatic cooking settings and one-touch genius sensor cook and even keep warm feature
  • 3 cooking stages and also a delay start.
  • Inverter turbo defrost for quick defrosting
  • Inverter technology for even cook and deliver delicious flavor
  • Flat keypad panel for programming; 10 power levels and push-button door release
  • Stainless steel face and Measures 15 13/16-inch (d) x 20 11/16-inch (w) x 12 1/4-inch (h), 25.3 lbs.,

Danby Countertop Microwave

countertop microwave

Danby presents a capable model of microwave ovens. It’s a small oven with capacity of 0.7 cu ft. It has a cooking power of 700 watts, which classifies it in the small and compact microwaves combo. It features a useful but simple single touch for cooking 6 popular uses. Furthermore, it has different 3 specialty programs including cooking speed defrost by weight, and defrosting by weight.


Features Highlighted

  • An easy to read LED timer
  • 7 cu.ft. capacity microwave
  • It uses a sleek glass turntable that fits all the dishes in.
  • 700 watts of cooking power
  • It’s designed with a very stylish presentation making it a nice addition in any kitchen.
  • It comes with 10 different power levels giving customizability in the hands of its users.
  • Stylish black and stainless steel exterior
  • Automatic oven light making the device even more convenient for users.
  • Simple one-touch cooking for 6 different and popular uses


Panasonic NN-SN973S Countertop Microwave


This model of Panasonic microwaves also comes with an Inverter Technology which allows you for more than just a heating stuff. It’s a 1250 Watts microwave that is quite enough to cook the food rapidly. It has usedsuch technology to heat food evenly at the same time maintaining the texture and taste. It comes with a capacity of 2.2 cu ft. which is definitely more than enough for all the different dishes. Furthermore, it also has a 16 and ½ inch turntable.


Features Highlighted

  • It features a very stylish and attractive design and makes a nice addition to any kind of kitchen.
  • Weights37 pounds which is very easy to move around.
  • Microwave Inverter technology provides a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Additional features like Keep Warm feature which delivers pulsing low microwave power in order to keep food at constant temperature.
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost which speeds up defrosting time
  • An easy to use control panel with raised buttons allowing for easy programmability.
  • Automatic sensor adjusts the power and times for different foods preparing.
  • Faster cooking times with a 1250 watts high power
  • Sleek, tactile controls to make cooking touch-button simple

Panasonic NN-SD681S Countertop Microwave


There is another Panasonic Countertop Microwave in our list. This Panasonic Model offers so many features to satisfy different needs of the people. This is one of the best countertop microwave ovens model from Panasonic using the same Inverter Technology just like many other ovens available in the market which is famed for its own ability to evenly heat the food without disturbing its texture, color and taste. This modelhas a capacity of 1.2 cu ft. and uses 1200 Watts of power to cook foodsvery swiftly. Additionally you can also get a trim kit which will allow it to be installed on your kitchen’s wall.


Features Highlighted

  • Stainless Steel faceand Dimensions: Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 12 1/4″ x 20 11/16″ x 16 5/16″, Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 9 15/16″ x 13 15/16″ x 14 3/8″, 25.3 lbs.,
  • Featuring an innovative pop-out dial departing from standard keyboard found in most other ovens.
  • Automatic heating using the sensors which calculate remaining time based on the amount of steam produced by the foods.
  • Inverter Technology for more even cooking and to deliver delicious flavor and its Inverter Turbo Defrost for a quick defrosting.
  • Elegant 4-Digit Blue Readout LED Display with a Programming Icon Dial and buttons for the quick programming
  • It has all the essential features like any other competitive microwave available in the market like Inverter Turbo Defrost, Inverter Melt-Soften, Keep Warm and Child-Safety lock.
  • One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook; 1200 Watts of High Power; and Reheat for automatic cooking settings
  • Please note: upper left-corner door has a small indentation allowing the door to open smoothly.


Nostalgia Electrics RMO770RED Countertop Microwave


This last but not the least listed countertop microwave oven is a fairly small and compact model by Nostalgia which has 12 pre-programmed features for the user’s convenience. It comes with a 700 Watts of cooking power with 5 power levels, which might not be the best in this list, but it’s a more than enough factoring in the size and price.


Features Highlighted

  • 12 pre-programmed features and Digital clock
  • This countertop oven weighs only 23.7 pounds that allows you to place it anywhere in the kitchen wherever you prefer.
  • 700 Watts would slower your work than other models, but it’s fully capable to heatthe foods or reheat it.
  • Furthermore, it’s built by using quality materials making it reliable and durable.
  • It’s very quiet in its operation which is always a plus point.
  • There is a LED display with a good viewof angles and also a clock displaying the 24-hour international time.
  • Five power levels
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards


5 Top Rated Dishwashers in 2016

Dishwashers have two prominent advantages for us which are saving our works and saving energy. It’s a matter of wonder that some people are still using dishwashing machines that were bought five years ago or a decade ago because the newest devices are way better with its efficiency, cleaning performance and quietness of operation. Many more features have been evolved a lot since last ten years. With cheaper and older washing machines, you had to pre-rinse your dishes. But now here we present you 5 most useful and money worth dish washer in 2016 with the best brands.

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher?


The most important thing while choosing the best dishwasher is the ease of its use. For the top dishwashers, it means convenient loading.


If you are about to buy a built-in dishwasher, the proper consideration is a standard 24 inches model. This one is a good option for twelve to fourteen place settings. There you also have 18 inches built-in dishwashers, but they are better for a small kitchen of a small family who will use dishwashing machines seldom. Countertop portable dishwasher is great for small families and couples, because it supports 4-6 place settings

Multiple Cycles

You need to consider such a washing machine that allows you to adjust racks having many silverware slots and fold-down tines. A dishwasher with multiple cycles is that’s why recommended. The ideal dishwasher is that adapts to the food it has to be cleaned and the type of the dishes that are to be cleaned. A strong blast of hot water applied to fragile dishwasher can damage it. On the other hand, a strong blast is a must for mustard or baked foods. It’s useless in such cases to run the dishwashing machine in energy saving mode.

Dishwasher comparison table

[table id=2 /]


Top 5 Dishwasher in 2016

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White

Best dish washerThis countertop dishwasher is an economical, compact and Energy star certified dishwasher for Eco-friendly consumers. The white color blends in well with any types of decor and appliances which you have in place in your kitchen space right now. You don’t need to design to fit on counter areas, or even in the cabinet. The model is also available with a silver finish; you can choose any one to match best with your other kitchen appliances. It features an interior with stainless steel finish, so there is no worry about rust, or corrosion damage, even if you are using the dishwasher on a regular basis for everyday cleaning in your home.



Features Highlighted:-

  • Features with six wash cycles giving you the choice of most effectively clean
  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Offers economic wash cycle modes offering a saving mode during washing.
  • Economical features an efficient Energy Star certified design
  • Sleek design fits most standard cabinets and small counters.
  • Sleek silver finish is an ideal look for any contemporary kitchen

 Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher – White


This smallDanby countertop dishwasher is also designed to fit for most of the counters, you can also place it under mount or in a cabinet if you don’t have enough space on your counters of the kitchen. It features with a six place setting capacity which allowyou to wash all dishes of your entire family in one wash cycle, so you don’t have to run the dishwashing machine more than once a day. Moreover, with the Energy Star certified rating, you can save on the cost of its operation, as it is quite more efficient, even if you run this one everyday rather than hand wash dishes. It conserves water and you can also choose from a variety of rinse and wash cycle options while running the machine.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Electronic controls with an LED display (6 wash cycles)
  • Low water consumption of 3.7 gallons per wash.
  • Quick connect allows you an easy set up in your kitchen.
  • Electronic controlsand LED display allows a sleek finish.
  • Rinse agent dispenser and Convenient automatic detergent
  • Durable stainless steel interior

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher 24″

top dish washer

With a stainless steel exterior finish, this new Bosch dishwasher is not only gonna look fashionable in your kitchen with its beautiful stainless steel exterior finish, additionally it is going to serve your witha durable finish that will last for years. This unique designed dishwasher has a very huge interior capacity; wash cycle capacity of a sixteen place setting; so, you can easily wash your entire day’s dishes in just one cycle a day, so it allows you not to continually run the dishwashing machine several times in one day. Itsflexible third rack is designed in such way that allows you to place additional dishes and cups, or you also can move it to fit in additional silverware while washing more dishes at once, and ensures everything fits into the machine with only one cycle. The dishwasher also comes with several rinse cycles and wash modes for you to set up when run the Bosch dishwasher.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Six wash cycles to run on the dishwashing machine.
  • Flexible Third Rack
  • Five rinse cycle and washing options with greater capacity.
  • Delay cycle allows you to choose the time of the machine runs.16 Place Setting Capacities

Samsung DW80J3020US Front Control Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior


The new Samsung Dishwasherwith 24” interior capacity space does not only allows you to operate fewer cycles to wash your entire family’s dishes, it also allows you to save on energy consumption and on water consumption as well. Its durable stainless steel exterior is a sleek and it looks suitable in any space of your kitchen; the interior of the dishwasher also designed with durable stainless steel finish, so you don’t have to worry about the quick damage, corroded, or otherwise wearing down of your Samsung Dishwasher even if you run this on a daily basis for washing your dishes. The operation is done with no little noise and the low decibel levels of the dishwasher ensures that you will barely hear the machine, if you leave it to run overnight, so you won’t have to worry that it will going to keep you up overnight, or while walking anyone in your home when run the machine.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Dimensions(WHD) 23 3/4″ X 33 7/8 – 35 7/8″ X 24 1/2″
  • Hard food disposer allows the removal of elements and stuck on your foods.
  • Hidden heat elements prevent damages to your dishes.
  • At 50 dBA, you are barely going to hear the machine running at all.
  • Turbidity Clean Sensor

KitchenAid KDTE254ESS 39 dBA Dishwasher with ProScrub Option


The KitchenAid Dishwasher brings good news for those who are searching for the most quiet dishwashing machine on the market while choosing a new dishwasher for their home. It doesn’t get much lower than 39 dBA; this is the wow factor what you can get in this new appliance for your home. In fact, this new dishwasher model is regarded as the best Kitchenaid dishwasher by most of the housewives. It’s going to help for removing stuck and debris on food with its pro scrub option, prior to run the wash cycle. The features does not only ensure the best clean, this Kitchenaid is also ensures your dishes not going damaged by the abrasive or heavy wash cycles, which is often the issue with other dishwashers on the present market. The third level rack is ideal for longer and slim items which are needed to be washed. You can reduce the wash cycle number and easily fit your entire family’s dishes in this dishwasher, allowing you to finish all in one wash rather than running it for several times. According to theKitchenaid dishwasher reviews, this one is a great model for a quiet dishwasher. You may need to check more Kitchenaid dishwasher reviews if you like machines from this brand.


Features Highlighted:-

  • Dimensions (WHD): 23 7/8″ X 33 1/2 – 34 1/2″ X 24 /34″
  • Quiet operation ,at 39 dBA volume when the machine runs
  • 3rd Level Utensil Rack
  • Max rail allows easy slide, and maneuver, all racks in the dishwasher.
  • 40 Targeted spray jets get out even the toughest, stuck on foods.
  • Fold Down Tines And Fold Down Shelf.
  • 4 Hour Delay Option

Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner in 2016

Selecting the right carpet cleaners is a quite difficult task, but it’s easy to get lost in the technical details of it.

This is where we help you. Here we created a review guide with the top 5 buys of best carpet cleaners (carpet cleaner rental) in the US, a no-nonsense and easy guide to finding out the perfect carpet cleaner for your needs.

What to look for in a carpet cleaner?

What kind of carpet cleaner (or carpet shampooer) you want to buy entirely depends on what you need it for. There are several options in the market according to the customers’ needs. You need to decide whether you need to buy a homemade carpet cleaner, resolve carpet cleaner, hoover carpet cleaner, Bissell carpet cleaner, carpet steam cleaner or simply rent carpet cleaner. We have created a complete guide for you to choose the best cleaner for you needs.

Having a large carpet

If you have a large area to clean it’s definitely a good idea to buy a cleaner having a large tank. This way you won’t waste any time going back and forward to refill the tank as you work.

Having Pets

For the pet owners we suggest to look for a carpet cleaners designed to handle stains from pets. Some units should have baskets to collect pet hair, which may be handy.

Pets leave hairs and stains. To effectively get rid of both these hair and the sometimes odorous stains you would either need carpet cleans that designed specifically considering pets, or an efficient professional carprt cleaner. They would get rid of the stains, the hair and the smell as well.

Having small children

An efficient cleaner that allows you to use often is a smart choice in this case. If you are worried about using cleaner chemicals you can just load your cleaner with a 100 % natural cleaning solution or even just use hot water. The hot water used would still get the carpet clean.

A handy way of cleaning up the messes occurred by the children is to use a portable cleaner, this way you can easily clean up the mess fast and bring it out. They are lightweight and stored easily. They are not meant to be cleaning large carpets though.

Removing tough stains

You need the most effective cleaners for deep clean getting rid of the dirt and grime embedded in the fibers. If you have enough budgets for it, we would recommend BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine and Rug Doctor Mighty Pro. They are the top listed and clean extremely efficient, deodorize the carpets and according to the review it’s better than many rental carpet  cleaners, so buying this you can save a lot in the long run.

If you are on a tight budget

The portable cleaner uses the same cleaning technique as the upright models does, but they often have weaker suction and smaller tank, which means you have to refill them most often. These types of cleaners are easy to handle and perfect for cleaning smaller areas and spot cleaning.
Having limited space

If you have a large area or several rooms to clean up, you should look for a cleaner having a large tank. With a large tank you won’t need to refill so often which saves you a lot of time.


Review of the five Best Carpet Cleaners in the US

These units have been praised by customers, and performs very well in our tests. This is some of the best buys the market has to offer 2016.

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine


deep cleaning cleaners, professional carpet cleaners

The BISSELL #86T3 is an ideal for those with large houses, pets or kids. The reason for this is its large capacity, clean water & dirty water tanks, and its efficient deep cleaning, which cleans both going backwards and forwards. This is one of those things that separate it from the Rug Doctor. Since Rug Doctor only cleans in one direction, you would need more passes to clean. There is also a stair tool for the tricky areas to reach and a tool to clean the upholstery.


  • Cleans on the forward and backward pass, which reduces your cleaning time and dries faster than competitive Rental cleaners
  • Large capacity clean and dirty water tanks offer deep clean with fewer trips to the sink, meaning less cleaning time
  • Rotating dirt lifter power brushes remove deep-down dirt Includes stain tool for hard-to-reach areas
  • Comes with Bissell 2x Professional deep cleaning Formula
  • Rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes provide more dirt removing power
  • Cleans better and dries faster* than the leading rental carpet cleaner
  • Removes tough spots and stains: long reach hose and tough stain tool make cleaning stairs and other hard to reach areas easy
  • Large capacity clean and dirty tanks: are removable, making filling and empty the tanks fast and easy
  • Flow Indicator: monitors water and solution levels and let’s you know when it’s time to check the tanks


Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

mighty carpet cleaners, pro carpet cleaners, carpet cleaner reviews

The Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is made by Rug Doctor and it includes a Mighty Pro X3 machine, a spray container of urine eliminator, a combination stair/upholstery tool, and a 40-ounce container of BISSELL’s Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner.

Like the Bissells Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine, this one is a very powerful deep cleaner. The downside to this powerful cleaning is such that the machine is larger and heavier than average carpet cleaners.  There’s an advantage with the Rug Doctor over the Bissells Big Green is its longer power cord (28 ft vs 25 ft) and a better tank capacity  (3 gallons vs 1.75 gallons).

The Rug Doctor is especially designed for tough stains that pets and kids make in the house including a urine eliminator in order to clean and remove stains, smells and the pet urine.

It is ideal for a large house because of its large-capacity separate the tanks for the clean and dirty water.


  • Includes:(1) Mighty Pro X3 machine, (1) Upholstery/stair tool, (1) 40-oz. bottle of Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner, (1) 17-oz. Urine Eliminator Trigger spray
  • Handheld tool for upholstery, stairs, car and tight spaces.
  • Large-capacity tanks keep clean and dirty water separate

            BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized             Carpet Cleaner, 36Z9


delux pet pro carpet cleaners, delux pet carpet cleaners, carpet cleaners

This model from BISSELL contains twelve rows of Power Brushes which rotate to scrub the carpet clean. It comes with a Stain Trapper tool to finish it right.

There is a collection basket to catch the pet hair and odor control cleansing formula will help to eliminate pet stains and pet urine, and to get rid of the smell which makes this unit ideal for pet owners that need a very efficient cleaner that will remove bad smell.


  • Innovative Cleanshot Trigger directs the formula directly at stains for targeted stain removal
  • Heatwave Technology helps maintain consistent water temperature while cleaning
  • Stain Trapper tool keeps pet messes in the self-contained tool and out of the machine
  • Pet Hair Basket makes it easy trap and throw away pet hair and debris
  • Dual Power brushes with 12 cleaning rows pull deep dirt out of carpet


           BISSELL SpotClean Anywhere Portable               Carpet Cleaner, 97491

bissel carpet cleaner, portable carpet cleaner, carpet cleaner reviews

The SpotClean Anywhere is a perfect cleaner for home and office settings to remove spills and stains on carpets wherever they occur.

The small size makes it easy to handle for anyone. It’s quite easy to move this machine from this room to that with the soft-grip handle on top. The Stain Trapper Tool sprays the cleaning solution on the spills and stains and then scrubs and suctions the dirty liquid into a removable container not to mix with the cleaning solution. This carpet shampooer is a great option for apartment owners as it is small and slim, and hides away in a closet easily.


  • Heat Wave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature while cleaning
  • Removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying
  • Slim design for easy storage
  • Stain Trapper Tool for cleaning extra-gross, extra-stinky messes; This tool sprays, scrubs and stores messes in a separate, removable container so they don’t flow through the machine
  • HeatWave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature while cleaning
  • 2 bottles of BISSELL 2X Spot and Stain Formula (8 oz.) and 1 bottle of BISSELL Oxygen Boost Formula (16 oz.)
  • 2 bottles of BISSELL 2X Spot and Stain Formula (8 oz), and 1 bottle of BISSELL OxyGen Boost Formula (16 oz)
  • Stain Trapper Tool for cleaning extra-gross, extra-stinky messes. This tool sprays, scrubs and stores messes in a separate, removable container so they dont flow through the machine

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner, FH50150


power scrub delux carpet cleaner, hoover carpet cleaner, power carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is no exception to Hoover’s long history of providing quality products. This is a very light weight cleaner but it cleans as well as some heavier models with its SpinScrub® Technology. This model of cleaner is an ideal for people who don’t have much strength to handle the heavier carpet shampooers, but need more power than which the portables have to offer. It is one of those best carpet cleaners on the market and is an excellent budget choice.


  • Lightweight, weighs 18.1 pounds
  • Spinscrub technology – exclusive counter rotating brush system with 360 degree cleaning surrounding carpet fibers
  • Easy to use, easy to clean two-tank system, separate clean water/solution tank and spill-free dirty water tank which includes quick pour spout for easy emptying with no mess
  • Wash/rinse selector, wash your carpets with water and cleaning solution and then rinse your carpets with water only to remove soap residue
  • Dual v nozzle, provides powerful and consistent edge-to-edge cleaning for fast dry time with forced heated air


Top 5 Brands for Toaster in 2016 Reviews

People often decorate their kitchen with huge interest and passion, though it’s rarely visited by the people visiting the home. Because it is the only space which is decorated for none other than one’s own. Probably that’s the reason for which people get so choosy while buying any kitchen appliances. They keep the whole interior of their kitchen in consider and thus choose the best matching appliance. But the first priority always remains the same which is quality and price. It gets very tiring and difficult to choose the best one appliance satisfying all the requirements and also the looks of the product. The most common kitchen appliance, Toaster plays an important role to decorate the interior since the first thing that catches our sight on the countertop is a Toaster. It’s a question of image. There are hundreds of brands and companies producing kitchen appliances. Where some are concerned about the quality and some are concerned about reasonable price for it. It’s too hard to match both the aspects before buying any one among these all companies. That’s why we made it way easier for you to choose the best one for your kitchen. Here top five Brands for toaster of this year have been listed. We have listed them together keeping concern on both the quality and price at the same time and we have chosen differen sized and featured Toasters and Toaster Ovens according to different choices of different but latest taste of people. Check them and select yourself to decorate your countertop.

1. Oster Toaster

  • Oster TSSTTVVG01, 4-Slice Toaster Oven:

Oster is quality kitchen appliance brand. Oster Toaster Oven is such an advanced electronic toaster that makes toasting, baking and broiling easy for you. This is a compact size toaster with 4 slice toast capacity. The outside dimension of the toaster is 8.25 x 15.91 x 11.56 inches. The depth of the inner chamber is 10.87 inches and the width is 7.98 inches which is perfect for its size to place in a small place. The Oster Toaster Oven has a removable crump tray which you can use when you need to use or remove it for betterment of your baking sometimes. It also comes with a durable baking pan. The Oven is designed with two rack position which helps you to adjust the baking rack according at certain height according to your need while baking or broiling. The Oster Toaster Oven is able to prepare any snack or meal with just one touch. It has 30 minutes timer with dual dial control system that allows for precision and consistency. Besides it has a power light indicator. Now cooking and baking has become much fun for cooking lovers.

oster toaster oven, toaster oven, 4 slice toaster oven

Features of Oster Toaster Oven:


  • Bakes, Broils and toasts, Top browns
  • 30 minutes timer along with “stay on” option
  • Temperature Controlling dial
  • Toast Shade control
  • Dual dial control which allows you for precision and consistency
  • 2 Rack positions
  • Power light indicator illuminates at the moment the oven is turned on
  • Removable crump tray and durable baking pan included for easy cooking
  • Up to 50% less energy consumption than the conventional ovens
  • Easy to fit in a small place


  • Oster Convection 6-Slice Digital Toaster Oven TSSTTVMNDG:


Oster Convection Toaster Oven is categorized under a low end model; which makes it more popular than other convectional toaster ovens. Only Oster was able to maintain the low price by minimizing the features while providing all must-have features in this toaster oven and made it more desirable and affordable for people at the same time. The Oster Convection Toaster Oven is large enough to cook a ham even roast or cook an entire chicken. Though this one is a lower end oven still it has a very nice collection of features that a higher end models do have which make the Oster Convection Toaster Oven more acceptable to the people. It has an intuitive feature which one is digital control. The Convection Toaster oven has an extra-large interior holds 13 inches by 9 inches pan which is large enough to  cook a 12 inches pizza! The outside dimension: Height- 11.38”, Weight- 19.76” and Depth- 15.37”. On the other hand Chamber dimension: Width- 13.7” and Depth- 13.48” and Lower rack to upper heater distance: 5.31”.

The Toaster Oven is finely adjustable both for low heat broiling as in cheesy garlic bread or high heat broiling like meats. The 6 slice toaster oven is done well with its convection technology for faster and more even cooking and digital control. Its interior light technology makes easy viewing. Similarly to the previous toaster it also have removable crumb tray and two rack positions to accommodate a wide variety of foods from pizza to tall roasts.

oster convection toaster oven, toaster oven, convection toaster oven, toaster oven

Features of Oster Convection Toaster Oven:

  • Extra-large interior holds 13” by 9” pan, whole chicken, roast or ham
  • 150 to 450 degree temperature range
  • Interior light for easy view
  • Removable crump tray and two rack position

2. Cuisinart Toaster

  • Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler:


The Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiler cooks your food thoroughly in four different cooking function including Toast, Bake, Broil and Bagel. Though the Toaster Oven lacks some functionality and conveniences, it offers some basic and effective cooking functions. The full size interior can hold and cook an entire 11” pizza or up to 6 slices of bread with this powerful 1800 watt Cuisinart Toaster Oven. The dimension of the toaster oven is 16.29” L x 14.63” W x 8.86” H and the weight is 12.9 lb. This Toaster Oven is made of stainless steel front with rubberized easy-grip dials and cool-touch handle. This toaster oven features a convenient auto slide out rack allows hands free loading which ensures easy food removal. Besides, the toaster and has front removal crump tray, broiling rack, oven rack, baking/drip pan, Instruction/recipe booklet within it.

The Cuisinart Toaster Oven and Broiler have an easy clean nonstick interior and wipe clean stainless steel exterior. The Shade control monitors the temperature and gives an even shade on the foods in it. It has an automatic Shutoff function but has no timer function which is the only cons of the awesome toaster Oven.

cuisinart toaster oven, toaster oven, slice toaster oven

Features of Oster Cuisinart Toaster Oven and Broiler:

  • 1800 watts to toast, bake or broil
  • Full size interior holds 11” pizza or 6 slices of toast
  • Stainless steel construction with rubberized easy grip dials
  • Cool touch handle and a front removable tray, easy clean nonstick interior
  • Even shade and temperature
  • Convenient auto side-out rack for hands free loading
  • 2 years warrantee


  • Cuisinart TOB-135 Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven:


The Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven is one of the best thought out and logical Toaster Oven. The efforts of the whole Cuisinart design team clearly reflect through the model construction. They put their unique thoughts into the features and the controls of the model; though they lacked a few that People would wished to have in their budget along with this awesome Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven. Yet, the present features are quite enough to satisfy its users. Let’s check them out!!!

This awesome featured Toaster Oven can cook toast; bake cakes and cookies and even roast a whole chicken in it. The setting cooking functions is intuitive. You have seven preset cooking functions to choose while you are going to test different styles of cooking. Even you can choose to cook with convection if you are tending to do so. The Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven can be categorized in the small size of toaster ovens. So, you can easily fit it on a small space without overwhelming your countertop. People who are looking for a higher end Convection Toaster Oven for your kitchen, made by a reliable and good brand manufacturer are highly recommended to pay their attention over this specialized model.

cuisinart convection toaster oven, convection toaster oven, slice toaster oven

Features of Oster Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven:


  • Spacious 0.6 cubic foot capacity fits 6 slices of bread or a whole 12 inches pizza
  • Preheat ready signal and automatic shutoff
  • Clock and 2 hours timer
  • 9 functions; Digital controls with a large blue backlit display; LED buttons and electronic dial
  • Easy clean nonstick interior
  • Brushed stainless steel construction
  • Slide out crumb tray including baking tray and broiling rack along with recipe book


3. Black and Decker

  • Black and Decker TO1303SB Toaster Oven:


You mustn’t wish to spend upon an expensive toaster oven if it’s comes to just toast a few slices of bread every morning!!! Right??? Then turn around to the Black and Decker Toaster Oven; it’s the one which you are looking for to do something better with considering your budget. Though we always suggest; “Don’t let the price fool you!” Anyway, The Black and Decker Toaster Oven is a popular model of Toaster Oven In the market with lots of positive reviews of satisfied users what gives you the confidence to go for this to make a good buy.

The Black and Decker Toaster Oven is built in a black casing with a stainless steel front panel. This is a three knob toaster oven which blends in very nicely with any kitchen. It leaves a small footprint what you exactly need for your small spaced kitchen. The Toaster Oven comes with four cooking functions: warm, broil, toast and bake and it’s good at all the functions.

black and decker, black and decker toaster oven, toaster oven

Features of Black and Decker Toaster Oven:

  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 14.5 x 8.8 inches
  • Fits a 9″ pizza (may not fit a 9″ pizza pan)
  • 1200 watts
  • Convection: No
  • 30 minute timer
  • Slice capacity: 4 slices
  • Functions: warm, broil, bake, toast
  • Power indicator light
  • One heating element on top and bottom
  • Includes a broil rack and bake pan
  • Black exterior with stainless steel front panel
  • Front access removable crumb tray
  • 3 prong grounded plug
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Black and Decker TR1400SB Toaster:

Don’t underestimate the Black and Decker Toaster considering as just an ordinary four slice toaster. It has those awesome and interesting features that will change your mind apart. Though it’s not a toaster oven, yet it has two independent zones which will let you control the way foods are toasted. You can make toast darker or lighter, exactly how you like to have your toast. The Black and Decker Toaster also do have a Bagel function which allows you to get a golden brown toasting on the cut side of the Bagel while just warming the outer side. Besides all these, the Toaster has included a retractable cord with a view of storage. It has a removable crumb tray and an automatic shutoff feature unlikely to the ordinary toasters available in the market. It has less features than many but also do have more than others.

black and decker toaster, 4 slice toaster, toaster oven

Features of Black and Decker Toaster:

  • 4 slice toaster built in brushed stainless steel with black accents
  • Dimension: 10.75” x 11.5” x 7.625”
  • Dual independent control panels; Bagel; Defrost; Preheat and Cancel functions
  • 6 browning control settings
  • Auto eject and removable crumb tray for quick clean up and retractable power cord
  • Extra wide, Self- centering slots; high-lights carriage
  • 2 year limited warranty


4. Hamilton Beach

  • Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster


If you are neither tending to get a smart woven nor a cheaper one and you are more likely to get a simple one then the Hamilton Beach Toaster is gonna be a pretty much worthy toaster that to make a try. As a toaster is usually a countertop appliance, we generally choose a good toaster considering how evenly it toasts up and how it looks. Then the Hamilton Beach Toaster is the perfect choice within a mid-range option.

The construction of the toaster is done with a brushed, smudge proof metal which makes easy cleaning. Rather the polished metal look makes amazing effect with any other kitchen appliance. The relative size is 8.5” x 8.5” x 13.2″ so, it needs a very little counter and storage and dose have the capacity to toast four slices at once evenly. It only weights one pound, so it won’t make a trouble for you to move it back and forth in any space you want. The Hamilton Beach Toaster toasts breads to an evenly golden brown and it has five numbered settings to achieve your desirable level to toast choosing any one of them. You can find which setting is best for what different type of breads in the instruction manual. Though it has categorized in a simple toaster still you can toast, bagel or defrost with this one toaster. So, Don’t take too much time for it. It’s gonna work well with your kitchen.
hamilton beach toaster, toaster oven, beach toaster oven

Features of Hamilton Beach Toaster:

  • Smudge proof brushed finish
  • Cool Touch Exterior
  • Versatile functions- Cancel, Defrost and Bagel buttons
  • Auto shutoff
  • Extra wide slots


  • Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven


The most common negative feedback about the toaster ovens is that, they are difficult to access the foods due to a small interior and the door to get in the way. The Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven has come with such a door design which is quite able to solve the problem. Let’s check this new model toaster oven out.

The most efficient feature of the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven is its roll top door. Likely to the other Toaster Oven models this one has no bothering with the pull down glass door which makes an easy access for the foods to get in the way. This one is a middle size toaster oven, yet it’s enough large to cook a 9” Pizza and well enough to toast 4 slice easily. It can work in several way besides toasting including broil, bake, roast and many others. It has a well satin finish and a perfect size window to monitor the cooking. It comes with an easy to clean crumb tray and has also a timer.


hamilton beach toaster oven, 4 slice toaster oven, beach toaster oven

Features of Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven:

  • Size: 16” (W) x 11.5” (D) x 9” (H)
  • Appliance Capability: Toast, Bake, Broil, Roast and Warm
  • Includes: Broiler Pan, Instruction Manual, Crumb tray, Baking Rack, Recipes
  • Timer
  • Stay on mode
  • Automatic shut off
  • Two rack positions
  • Front access removable crumb tray
  • Power : 1200 watt
  • Includes : Oven Rack, Baking Pans


5. KitchenAid Toaster

  • KitchenAid KMT422ER 4-Slice Toaster


Since the ultra-capable and affordable toaster ovens made its popularity in the market the regular toasters had to compete by basting extras like snazzy paint jobs or LED lighting and even fancy toasting presets. Though the Kitchenaid Toaster somewhere stands in the middle with its features, it may still hold its market to meet customer’s needs.

The Kitchenaid one-touch is a good automatic toaster with some advanced features as in digital display and progress meter and reheating or keep warm functions. It’s an automatic toaster that comes with a four slice model. The toaster is designed with a motorized carriage which raises and lowers the breads during a toasting cycle. Though you don’t have a lever to push down and you have to start the toaster by the push of a button, the Kitchenaid toaster has seven shades in its feature settings with a digital shade indicator. This feature lets you get the perfect browning level consistently while the digital display serves as a progress indicator that aware you of the time left in the toasting cycle. The only feature that lacks it of is the multi-color cross section slightly lowers the design aesthetic.

kitchenaid toaster, kitchenaid toaster oven, 2 slice toaster oven

Features of KitchenAid Toaster:

  • Extra wide 1 ½ inch slots
  • Bage, Reheat and Defrost functions
  • LCD display with digitl progress bar
  • One Touch Control – Raises and lowers bread on demand even in the middle of cycle.
  • All-metal construction


  • KitchenAid KCO223CU Countertop Toaster Oven


If you’re an owner of a kitchen with a quite large counter space only then you should consider yourself to get one of this model because this Kitchenaid Toaster Oven comes in a full-size oven which excels at toasting,baking and even roasting and also offers convection. The Kitchenaid Toaster Oven bakes two layers of cake as well as a full-size oven and can roast a four-pound chicken very well. This toaster oven is large enough to hold a 12 inches pizza or six slices of bread. The best feature of the model is its convection cooking capabilities. It has been designed with a non-sticky interior which is very easy to clean. It has two racks inside which allows you to cook two different things at the same time. Similarly to other convection toasters the Kitchenaid Toaster Oven has been designed with an auto shut off feature which shuts the power after four hours automatically. Besides all these advantages this model has some limitations too. For example, it doesn’t toast bread consistently and gets hot to the touch during use. Many may have problems with the size. It doesn’t include any baking charts or manual. Over The model stands in a middle standard.

kitchen aid toaster oven, toaster oven, beach toaster oven

Features of KitchenAid Toaster Oven:

  • Bake Pizza, broil a side dish or roast faster
  • Large enough to cook a 2-12 inches pizza or Cornish hens
  • Temperature up to 450 degree Celsius
  • 60 minutes timer can be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most
  • Includes two stainless steel racks, an easy-to-clean stainless steel broil  pan with grill which is great for baking, broiling and warming
  • A stainless steel removable crumb tray included for easy cleaning

All the appliance listed here are different in their looks, designs, sizes, colors and features but all of them are running the trend and quite fashionable to suit any kitchen. Though toaster ovens are getting more preference of the people for its versatile functions but still the toaster has been holding its existence so far. Thus we have brought both of them to make easy choice over what you are preferably buying. All the products are now available on Amazon. Links are given with each. Go and get your desired one without making a delay. Happy Kitchen to you!!!!