One of the questions I get asked the most is about my cleaning schedule.

Short answer: Yes I do, but it’s not set in stone. It’s fluid, if something doesn’t get done on the day it should it just gets moved to the next day. What’s that they say “A clean house is a sure sign of a wasted life” I don’t believe that! But I’m also not going to turn down a shopping day with the girls because I had it written on the calendar that today I’m going to vacuum the steps!

The Daily Grind:

~ Load the dishwasher
~ Wipe down the counters
~ Tidy the living room, fluff the pillows
~ Make the bed (most days :)
~ Pick up Lee’s dirty clothes from beside the laundry bin (seriously . . . right beside the bin)
~ Walk the dog, poop patrol in the backyard.
~ Water the garden
~ and a million other things that seem to pop up everyday!

Here is how I organize my days:


Clean out the fridge and figure out what we need from the grocery store.
Grocery Shop!
Clean up from the weekend. I do the bare minimum on the weekends, just dishes. So by the time that Monday comes the house could use a little TLC. I walk around picking up all the empty booze bottles off the floor and clean liquor off the counters from all the weekend body shots . . . just kidding! Monday usually involves picking up rouge socks from the floor and washing guest room sheets from weekend visitors.
Monday is also my day to tend to houseplants. I water them, wipe down their leaves, fertilize them every two weeks, and clip off dead foliage.
Monday is also bill paying day.


Main floor cleaning day. Vacuum the living room and library,  sweep and mop all wood and stone flooring.
Wipe down kitchen cupboard doors, clean all the stainless steel in the kitchen (fridge, stove, dishwasher) Deodorize the garbage disposal (a little bit of lemon does wonders).
Remove everything from Kitchen counters, and wipe down. Clean Stove top.
Dust main floor.
Clean Main floor bathroom.


Ironing, folding etc . . .
Wednesday’s is also the day I tackle what ever monthly chores there are (i.e. windows, gardening, seasonal things)
Wednesday’s are also the chance I have to tackle sewing, knitting or organizing projects, or just catch up on blog work.
Most importantly Wednesday is the day that I bake, usually it’s bread and something yummy for dessert!


Upstairs cleaning day.  Just like Tuesday is our main floor cleaning day, Thursday is our upper floor cleaning day.
The sheets get pulled off and washed, all the carpets get vacuumed including the stairs and everything gets dusted.
Both the upstairs bathrooms get cleaned. All the laundry from Wednesday gets put away, and both of our closets get a tidy!


Back to the main floor for a ‘surface clean’ because heaven knows it’s messy already. Then the rest of Friday is spent getting ready for the weekend. If we’re having people over it’s spent preparing food and guest rooms, if we’re going away for the weekend it’s spent packing suitcases and making food for the trip.

I hope that was helpful, this schedule really works for me. This way I’m not doing the same thing over and over again. I clean the kitchen cabinets once a week so if I see a little smudge on the door I don’t drop what I’m doing to clean it because I know that on Tuesday that will get clean. I don’t worry about the full laundry bins because I know that Wednesday it gets done!

When my house is clean, I feel calm and in control. When my house is messy I feel like a mess. The schedule keeps me sane and my house clean!  It doesn’t have to be my schedule but I think a schedule is a neccessity, try it out, it makes a huge difference!