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5 Interior Designing Tips that will make your home a sweet home

An adage goes, “a house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made of love and affections.” You also feel it. Don’t you? It is a beautiful place where people spend their quality time. After getting stuck in grumbling traffic, facing boss’s infuriating face, fighting to meet the deadlines, there is no other place like home. Home is the haven where there is a lot of fun and frolic, and above all the warmth of finding amongst the near and dear ones.Nice synchronization of furniture and gadgets turns home an ecstasy


Nice synchronization of furniture and gadgets turns home an ecstasy A relaxing living room is a place where many ideas are assimilated. There is a good synchronization of the sound system, electronic appliance, and furniture. It creates a good rhythm like the four strings of stringed instruments. So, a choosy person only can decorate a house in elegant style.

Go on experimenting with the living room decors

If you have a strong obsession or compulsion for home décor, buy them now and then. Place and replace them in your room, the judge with your eye and mind. That is the freedom you have when decorating your living room.

Don’t miss a cozy electric fireplace. You may get yourself a freestanding one or wall mounted, both will enhance the beauty of your living room for sure.

You can choose tinted furniture or soft cushions, paint your walls with jazzy color, and seta Guitar or Ukulele or Violin at the decorated corner under the soft neon light. If you are a music fan, go wild anywhere in such a soothing ambiance inside the room.

Turn your living room Green

With or without a flower, the leafy plants add a lot of color and texture to your room. Plants are inexpensive but a good way to accessorize the living space. In addition to beautification, the plants cleanse the air of the room. If you don’t have a live plant, purchase life-like silk plants available in the market.

Add candle holders with candles

The candlelight will give the impression of a wintry night sitting around the log fire playing guitar Ukulele. Whoever you may be, the, however, the angry personality you are wearing, you will get softer touch comfort. Sometimes a lot of décors can’t speak what a candle light can say.

Keep a few antique things in your room

A few antique items in your room can flaunt your choice. It heightens your status your neighbor. Adding a few antique furniture or a few decors create a right blending.

Never over crowded a room

It is very comfy to look around your room with necessary furniture and decors. There should be enough space in the room. It makes it free from chaos. Not only that, it leads to losing many important things among these things anytime anywhere. Remove the items which are not fit for your room.

These are the some of the tips to decorate your room. But it is not all. Till you understand how you should be reacting to the surroundings. If you already decided, then purchase with 2BHK and explore your sense of creation where to get and how to get.


Designer Tharon Anderson shares her best advice for creating a sophisticated space the whole family can enjoy.​

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when you’re forced to grow up. Post-college, it’s all about swapping that Twin XL bed for a quality (and larger!) mattress, and trading the hand-me-down futon for a real sofa.

But at some point after your twenties, you’ll need to graduate from the starter furniture and start investing in design. Often, the trigger is a milestone moment like buying a house or starting a family. This was just the case for New York-based designer Tharon Anderson, who was tasked with creating an elegant apartment for a young couple and their growing family.

Read on to see how she crafted a space that’s kid-friendly, fresh, and totally grown up.kid-friendly

“We had the sofa custom made, making it 9 feet long to emphasize the length of the room. The loveseat is also custom made and upholstered in a very sophisticated tweed. I used a Samuel & Sons tape trim and tight back to bring a bit of elegance and formality to the space.”

PRO TIP: Anderson encourages clients to invest in upholstery. Chairs and sofas get used day in and day out, so if the style and construction is good, they’ll last for years. Plus, an extra-long sofa offers ample space for the entire family.kid-friendly

“Since the family is young, we chose a super durable wool-polyester broadloom rug with a small-scale pattern that would hold up against lots of use and also help disguise any spills.

We covered the sofa in heavy-use upholstery: a sage colored Larsen fabric that mimics textured velvet but is in fact made with polyester and viscose. It has a 100K double rub rating (normally reserved for hotel upholstery!), so we knew it could hold up to lots of wear and tear.”

PRO TIP: Anderson used a sofa with modern, sophisticated lines to make it look luxurious, despite it being upholstered in a heavy duty, commercial-grade fabric.kid-friendly

“The sofa pillows are [covered in] Katie Leede’s ‘Thebes’ fabric. It has such a painterly, whimsical feel that I loved for the family, and the tassel trim makes it fun. I upholstered the x-benches with a jaguar print to add a little snazzy factor.”

PRO TIP: Anderson uses pattern in small, strategic doses to pack a punch. The sheepskin rug adds another layer of texture to the room, while providing a fun surface for the kids and a clever way to hide the inevitable spill.unknown
“We didn’t want to cover up the big, bright window, so we chose Home Couture’s ‘Gypsy Dance’ fabric and turned it upside down to [create an] active bottom edge.”

PRO TIP: Thoughtful details don’t only tie the entire look of the room together, they work to conceal more utilitarian features like the duette shade hiding behind the window fabric and the unsightly radiator concealed inside the built-in below.kid-friendly

“We used brass accents throughout — on the lamps and sconces, the nail heads on the chair, and the gold coffee table — to create a sense of cohesiveness. The abstract painting by Eliza Geddess also ties the color scheme together and adds an organic element to the design.”

PRO TIP: The scalloped-edge on the coffee table prevents small toys from falling all over the floor!