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How to Create a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

How to Create a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

If you want an inviting, warm kitchen, a farmhouse style is one you might consider. Complete with rich colors, wood and vintage-style fixtures and accessories, a farmhouse kitchen works well in traditional, country and shabby chic homes. This style kitchen allows you to browse your favorite antique stores for decor and accessories to complete the space. Whether you want to use vibrant colors or stick to a muted palette, a farmhouse-style kitchen is easy to achieve on any budget.
Paint the kitchen in a palette that complements other interior colors. Add in cool tones to balance out the palette when you use vibrant colors. For example, choose a mustard yellow shade for the walls, and paint the ceiling and trim white. Alternatively, use an eggshell white for the walls and a pure white for the trim and allow your accessories to add the necessary color to the space.


Things You’ll Need

  •   Paint
  • Sandpaper               Hardware
  • Sink                    Faucet
  • Flooring             Appliancess
  • Accessories          Lighting


Paint the cabinets brown, and then add a white coat of paint directly over them. Sand down the edges of the cupboard and hardware gently with sandpaper to expose the brown paint for a faux distressed finish. Incorporate antique hutches or shelves into the kitchen for a vintage look.

Replace the current sink with a single-bowl farmhouse-style apron sink. Install rounded or curved rustic bronze fixtures to complement the style of the sink.

Install a wooden or stone floor to add texture to the room. If you’re on a budget, choose vinyl flooring that mimics the look of stone or wood.

Replace modern appliances with a retro-style refrigerator and range. Choose new appliances with a vintage look to ensure efficiency.

Accessorize shelves and tables with mason jars, baskets or country-style figurines. Add tea lights or flowers to mason jars, hang vintage pans from the ceiling over an island or range, place antique glassware in china cabinets or open shelves, and cover the dining table with a gingham cloth in a traditional red or blue color.

Hang a wrought iron light fixture over the dining table and install sconces on the wall in the kitchen to create depth and provide extra visibility to the space.

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