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What You Need to Know About Box Spring

Having bought a comfort mattress with a substantial amount of height, in order to keep the height of the bed reasonable, you must go in for the best box spring which suits your mattress. Given the hectic life we lead, there is a need to get the much-required rest and sleep so that one can perform best for the next day.

With the tough competition in vogue in nearly all spheres, the ace of work one needs to produce is break the neck. All this is possible only in case the individual is well rested and has slept well. With these things in mind, there are a number of variants of comfort mattresses available in the market today.

box spring

The need for box springs

In order to get the desired cushioning effect and the support for the mattress, there is a setup of springs which are meant to be laid on the mattress as such. Usually, these are formed on a wooden or iron frame and the same can be replaced as and when the need arises. In order to let the mattress sink in when weight is rested on it, these springs are necessary.

The traditional box springs have a depth of about nine inches. With the development in the field of comfort sleep equipment, the quality and the variants of mattresses available have increased a lot. As a result, the requirement of the box springs has been curtailed a bit. It is in these cases that a low profile box spring option comes into play.

Low profile box spring

When it comes to box springs, a lower depth of four to five inches is what is in demand with high-quality comfort mattresses. These are what is known in the comfort sleep world as low profile box spring and have become quite famous and common today.

These springs have the added advantage of a lower coast and the mattress is still provided with the required amount of support and form. It is these springs which allow the height of the bed to be restricted to a reasonable limit and the ticket comfort mattresses also sinks into the room d├ęcor.

Looking after the box springs

Many people are of the opinions that since the box springs sit well below the mattresses; these can be dragged on for many changes of mattresses. This is far from the truth and in fact, if the box spring fails to provide the support the mattress needs, the mattress itself is likely to give way earlier.

In fact, in many cases, even the warranty of the mattress specifies that they need to be used with a set of new box springs (usually included in the package). Another aspect for the low profile box spring which needs looking after is the process of transportation. It is during transportation and shifting that most box spring frames sustain damage and give way.


In order to keep the mattress supported and the height of the bed reasonable when using a thicker mattress, one must use low profile box springs.

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